Daytime UFO sighting filmed over Boynton Beach in Florida 21-Mar-2014

ovnisDaytime UFO sighting recorded in the sky above Boynton Beach in Florida. This was taken on Friday, 21st March 2014.
Witness report: Believe it or not, but I spotted this earlier today (3/21/14) in Boynton Beach, FL area. Went out to relax by the water, looked up, noticed it slowly moving, took out my phone and hit record.
Not my first sighting but the first I captured.
– No it was not a lens reflection. I saw it with my EYES before getting my phone out.
– I was not looking through my camera the whole time, only to make sure it was still in frame. At the end I was not looking through the camera when it quickly went behind the the cloud and darted off. Lucky I even caught it fly by at all.
– No it was not CGI being that I had been without a working computer for a week and had only been out once that day.
Author (Kyle K @ youtube)

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  1. for a second it looks like it disappears when it suddenly goes left before taking off to the right. that was interesting.

  2. Hi my names Preston Chevrier. Not this summer but the summer before. I seen the exact same thing in mattawa Ontario was crazy. I was just outside having a smoke in the front yard when my brother and his one friend came around the side screaming holy s*** the aliens look at the aliens and I looked up and I seen at least 8 floating objects in the air just similar to that. they moved in this scene

  3. Fred Sausage and the Mrs., Sam da Sham, Hank Shank, Whatsyurbeef and WhatsamattaU will be heading out to South Beach and down to the Keys for a marathon key lime pie eat and ufo hunt. A fellas gots to know his limitations……

  4. All I could see was the tree and clouds and a bird. Where am I supposed to be looking for the UFO? I can't see anything resembling a UFO, not even a cgi one as mentioned in the comment above

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