Strange object hovering above Scottburgh, South Africa 18-Feb-2014

UFO South Africa

New footage of a bright unidentified flying objects hovering in the night sky above Scottburgh, a resort town situated on the mouth of the Mpambanyoni River, 58 km south of Durban on KwaZulu-Natal South Coast in South Africa. This was taken on 18th February 2014.

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  1. cool imagery, but no perspective and could be anything at all. I cannot make out what you are saying, but you do not seem excited at all by this "large" UFO….sigh

  2. It´s not easy to give an explanation about this ufo, and also it´s a pity that there is not a reference point. I´m sorry.

  3. You see this a lot, people focus on a light and stop when it looks like what they want it to look like, not focused all the way. This could be any bright star, it tells us nothing.

  4. i have got plenty of footage similar to this, but alot closer, high in the sky and just off ground level, since i first witnessed it about 5 weeks ago, i have had atleast 20 clear sightings since, and they are getting within what sems to be only metres away, there is one particular spot where there is alot of action, very close at ground level, im from south australia in the states mid north,

  5. kind of looks like the eye on the back of dollar bills. the triangle pyramids add to the mystery. coincidence? hmmmm….

  6. this is very exciting for me and I feel wut proves that its not BS focus change is how it is doing the same double white/blue pattern then 1 small expansion then 1 ending final HUGE expansion while being small in the very beginning till when its zoomed in way more in the middle & ending, Now wether that is light from energy or the Energy Beings actual form morphing in a pattern which could be

  7. Why cant anyone who shoot ufos<br />1. Use a tripod<br />2. Stop zooming in too far<br />3. LEARN TO FOCUS , just leave it on infinity <br />4. Include a small bit of stationary thing in viewfinder<br />Such as a tree or edge of building <br />5. Give a normal running description, date, location, time, direction <br />

  8. When any image of a light source is out of focus you will see something like this. What you are ACTUALLY seeing is the outline of the aperture INSIDE the camera. Test this out and you will see this. Through the years the shapes of apertures have changed in still and film and video cameras. <br />BUT what you dont know is the source of the light!<br />We as documentary filmmakers need to get

  9. Hi,It simply about two lovers who haven&#39;t been together for a while. They are thinking of each other and looking forward to meet. At the river this taken from the old dating practices in which our grand parents use to check out the girls at the river when they collect water. The girls used to catch up latest gossip, share ideas, admire the Tshakas of the days besides it was also a nice place

  10. you should watch this on Youtube! Ufo: the human mutilation cover up full film 2014…Great documentary in my opinion

  11. I have videoed with same results many times – and it is how a STAR looks when out of focus. Same exact thing. So, I’m thinking it is probably a star you’re seeing.

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