UFO craft hovering above Orlando, Florida 24-Mar-2014

Florida UFO
New footage of an unknown lights hovering in the night sky above Orlando, a city in the U.S. state of Florida. This was taken on Monday, 24th March 2014.

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  1. I got sea sick after watching that. Too much camera shake to determine what it was. If I can give you some advice, lean against something to steady the camera next time.

  2. When you see a film like this that&#39;s shakey, 9 out of 10 times it&#39;s phony. If they were to hold the camera steady, I&#39;m certain you would most likely see a Drone.<br />

  3. Dont even try to but this cam bullshit on.Orlando,Des:world sent some thing up in the sky and some smoked up fool thought it was a UFO

  4. Now you know O&#39;l Fred just headed down to South Florida and now we got ourselves a ufo up in Orlando, looks like Me and the Mrs. missed out. All the fellas Hank Shank and the bunch might just as well join us for a mighty fine time at Disney World on the way up to Georgia……WhoWha !

  5. I agree with you joeboken, even the most amateur of camera &quot;on the spot&quot; filmer&#39;s would have the basic knowledge of taking a quick film, and the lack of knowing how important in is to keep the camera steady, this is the most off-putting thing about trying to convince other people.

  6. O&#39;l Fred can drive his 65 chevy 4×4 with some real big meats over chuck holes and wash board roads get the o&#39;l brownie out and take a bunch a good photos…. even if you gots a whole lotta shakin going on….

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