UFO or Orb flying over Anaheim, California 10-Mar-2014

orbNew footage of a strange bright unidentified flying object flying across the night sky above Anaheim in California. This was taken on 10th March 2014.

Witness report: I saw the same object about 2 weeks ago but it was gone too fast and didn’t give me a chance to take video. However, the video doesn’t really capture the clarity and brightness of what I saw. I took it with my Iphone. 

1. I was in my backyard making sure my garage door was locked.

2. It’s brightness and speed. Also its path wasn’t consistent.

3. I wasn’t sure what it was but I know what it wasn’t. It wasn’t anything I’m used to seeing flying in the sky.

4. The object appeared bigger and brighter than any star and smaller than the moon. It hovered, then it made a sudden movement to one side, it hovered, it came back hovered some more and it looked like it was descending when I lost sight of it.

5. I stood in awe, happy to get video but not sure what to make of it. I felt a bit scared when I first saw it and it looked like it was coming at me. It was also weird that it was almost straight up on top of my house.

6. It looked like it was descending behind my house. I got up on a ladder but it was gone.

Author (source: mufon)


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  1. Great catch. I can&#39;t see it being an RC copter with LED&#39;s as the LED&#39;s always flash at set intervals. At last we seem to be getting some good videos recently.<br />

    • They were flashing at regular intervals, you could see it for the short time it was in frame and in focus, it had a steady blue light on it also, probably modified.

  2. excuse me for correcting you: you say this was taken March 10th? the full moon is on March 16th this month. you may have made a mistake with the date.there were no full moons on any 10th&#39;s this year. this may put some people off with your video and consider it fake if one cannot put in the right date. besides that, that was an interesting video!

  3. I may have some info on this…I’ve seen something similar near my home in Fullerton. I actually tracked the object to a school/park near my home where I saw it hover and descend. There was person with a remote control flying the object. I couldn’t tell how large the object was but it had blue and red lights and a fixed white light. I didn’t approach the person but I’ve seen the object flying twice since then and both times there was a person in the park with a remote control device.

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