UFO photographed from a plane over Los Angeles, California 4-Mar-2014

Submitted by: Chuck (sent via Facebook)
Sighting location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 4th March 2014
Report: I just flew into Los Angeles from the east on American Airlines 3/4/2014. I captured these pictures of three UFO’s about a hundred and ninety miles out of L.A. I call them Poppa, Momma, and baby. They emitted the brightest light I have ever seen other than the sun on a bright sunny day. It was intense white light but you could look at it. There were two large orbs with a tiny baby size orb.



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  1. On each picture, it looks like the word "buffering" is on it, if that's what it says why didn't he just show the video?

    • That is not the words buffering…It is the name Ruffing and the date the picture was taken..Ruffing is the last name of the person that took the pictures.

  2. Well? You certainly were over the right spot of the country to catch this.<br />Read any of Charles Hall&#39;s books? If not you may want to venture down that path.<br />I will preface that by telling you he is not the easiest read but certainly when you get to the facts it is beyond interesting.<br />His experience is with the Tall Whites; they inhabit the area of the USA you flew over.<br />

  3. Don&#39;t want to burst your bubble, but those lights are probably just a solar farm reflecting back at you from the Southern California desert floor. A number of solar farms have recently come online in the desert around LA/Vegas.

    • Solar farms don&#39;t fly and move around… These objects were clearly moving at a high rate of speed and was above the clouds …The plane was flying at over 25000 feet..

  4. It is said that earthquakes happen when an abundance of UFO sightings happen..This one was just a couple of days before the earthquake that hit L.A. on the 7th..and now an even bigger quake has hit on the 28th.

  5. I just saw one of these on October 7th while flying in to LA,it was so close to the wing it was scary. Wish I had had time to get a picture.

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