UFO sighting over Southern Alberta, Canada 21-Mar-2014

UFO Canada

Nanton locals are keeping an eye in the sky at least for the next couple of days after bright lights were noticed above the town Sunday night. A local of the town just around 100 kilometres south of Calgary, Sam Martine, said that two strange lights came out around 11 PM in the horizon above the house of her neighbour around 400 metres away.

Martine described that the first light was large, similar to the size of a large yard light in which she first thought it was. Martine observed that the mysterious object was very bright from her house when the light first came out.

The second light appeared to be higher than the first one and they both hovered for around 4 or 5 minutes before flying upward. That was the time Martine and her daughter Baylie went outside their house to get a closer look at the lights. To their surprise, the lights headed to their direction without making any sound. They clearly saw the red light and blue light.

Martine moved over their house and saw the other light hovering then starting to move up but not as high as the first one. The other light went over their house. Martine took photos of the mysterious flying objects as they disappeared while moving in northwest direction.

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  1. He's wrong about the time lapse. I live on the Prairies too and it is Very,very cold, and sometimes your hands can shake with the cold, And if the camera is NOT on a tripod , it's difficult to photograph moving lights without them shaking . I have often had shake like that when I have photographed the moon and it's staionary, and moving objects at night can be very hard to get clear

  2. Who does that guy Robyn Foret think he Is? He's just called the woman in question a liar, by implying she had a time delayed photo of some lights. Did he not listen to her?Did he talk to her, examine her camera? What a cretin , of course a lot of astronomers have a Blind Side. What a loser!

  3. funny how "the experts" know that ufos don't exist. that "the experts" can explain away all activity. that "the experts" are always right. guess it's up to "us common folk", who've seen ufos for real, to keep this site going. if we were to listen to all "the experts", there would be no excitement in life.

  4. Correct, Janet, I have seen them (a few of them). You know when you see one that it is not from this earth. Specially that they make no sound. Where I live planes fly all over, high, low, big small and I can hear them all.

  5. Yep, i'll go along with that, the fact they don't come up with any other explanations as to say what these "flying things" might be, but it is deffo-this or deffo that, is no help whatsoever, they seem to know what everything is or what it is not….but NOT(most importantly) what it could be,as they are the experts,…so the big question is,…"HOW THE HELL DO THEY KNOW.??

  6. The "Expert" is wrong, I know what I saw and I am not an idiot I know what a plane and Helicopter look like even in the dark.I also know what they sound like. What I saw was not either of those things . And of course my picture's are slightly blurred.I was trying to take pictures but my camera would not work when I aimed at the lights.I didn't even know I had any pictures until

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