Bright UFO hovering above Cadiz, Spain 29-Apr-2014

This interesting footage of a bright unidentified flying object hovering in the sky above Cadiz, city and port in southwestern Spain was this was taken on Tuesday, 29th April 2014.

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  1. That's more then interesting. It isn't a fake too. Nothing that I know can move like that in the sky. Anything that moves like that catches my attention.

    • You apparently have never seen an RC helicopter. Looks just like that especially if you keep it out of focus. You people will believe anything.

  2. What I find frustrating with UFO conversations is that we don&#39;t ask enough questions, like these for example:<br />– Why the erratic flight pattern?<br />– Where do &quot;they&quot; build UFOs?<br />– What is the reason for their presence in the first place?<br />

    • don&#39;t be frustrated. humans do not have those answers. we can&#39;t have those kinds of conversations because we can&#39;t answer them. only the alien race can. we&#39;re all kind of hoping we can get answers.

  3. Since it stays in a localized area and moves a lot like an RC craft would, It could be a larger LCD lighted RC copter (they are bright see YouTube vids) the type that look like hover crafts w/ multi rotors. These are capable of all sorts of aerobatics and erratic movement. Initially it was filmed out of focus so it seemed larger than an RC craft but when it finally was in focus it actually was

    • hi anonymous, I can tell u that&#39;s not an rc, I know &#39;co we use &#39;em for productions, not cheap ones, carry 6kg eight..they cannot fly like that, actually there&#39;s one or two that might, one built norwey company, but tell u those rnt affordable toys..r over 30thousand dollars..few can buy those and dont use sure like that..they get much more then 2 miles, but also ours get farther

  4. Call any government office that deals aircraft matters and they will tell you what it is. Why all the fuss?

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