A Big Dome-Shaped UFO Spotted In Netherlands 11-Apr-2014

Netherlands’ Rijnmond TV News picked up an interesting UFO video shot by a Maassluis resident. The supposed flying object is similar to a turtle in its shell but no sign of propulsion.

Maassluis is located south of The Hague, in Rijnmond which surrounded the Rotterdam. Maassluis is at the mouth of the Rhine River. It was Massluis resident Dick Smits who captured the video at around 3 PM in April 11, 2014, Friday.

ufo netherlandsAccording to the report by Rijnmond TV, the mysterious object hovered without no sound at all for a long time before it disappeared in the clouds. The object has domed top and slight curve at the bottom. The video shows that it does not make any sudden movement.

While a Google translate on the news video is hard to understand, Smits seemingly believes that the universe has full of alien life and humans will continue to witness more UFOs across the horizon.

If you understand Dutch and know how to translate it in English, please let us know what else Smits is trying to say about the video. What you think about this interesting video? Is this a proof of alien life and that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth for long period of time? If this is the case, why they did not bother to introduce themselves to the public?

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  1. Ok well I am Dutch so I will try, <br />He says he filmed it on the Friday at 14.25 whilst he was actually filming ships. When he all of the sudden saw something coming in on the left side, he didn&#39;t know if it had been there already, but he suddenly noticed it.<br />His brother Rob came in as well and they saw another or more objects even , with one of them traveling extremely fast up. The

  2. Another good old fashion flying saucer type sighting This brings back memories. I&#39;ve seen my share of weirdness over the years.

  3. that last sentence kills me! introduce themselves?? hi i&#39;m from Orion&#39;s belt and we&#39;ve been here since the beginning of time. it is we who have made humans and there is no God. yeah, that would go over well with the public.

  4. i really don&#39;t think people are reading the story. it says it HOVERED for a long time with NO sound. stealth bombers do not hover. i&#39;ve seen a stealth bomber flyby at an airshow and they are loud!

    • Absolutely Janet, and I have received the information that this was nothing but a large kite. I always like you&#39;re unbiased opinions.

  5. I believe it is a stealth strike air craft possibly a f-117 and it is not hovering it is moving forward and banking. The design of the jet makes it difficult to judge it&#39;s forward momentum by its nature. Any anti gravity vehicle would have no need to bank in turns.

    • moving forward and banking for 15 minutes? i understand no anti gravity vehicle would have no need to bank. this man saw it for 15 minutes. if it was a jet it would have moved somehow in 15 mins. i say ufo. that&#39;s entirely my speculation. yes our bombers look alien also.

  6. I found out that this was nothing but a large kite, cased closed. It only goes to show that things aren&#39;t always what they appear to be. I am a believer, but I&#39;m not willing to stick my neck out on every single strange video, there are lots of things in the sky that could account for UFO&#39;s, but I am only interested in the true ones, the ones that can&#39;t be explained.

  7. This does not look like a stealth bomber, neither the B-2 or the 117. I tried to fit them both into the silhouette of this object and they just do not fit, at any angle. It looks like nothing I’ve seen before. I believe it is a UFO.

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