Fast flying saucer filmed near a plane over Belgium 25-Ap-2014

flying saucer
This interesting daytime footage of some kind of a disc-shaped UFO flying near a plane was recorded in the sky above Belgium on Friday, 25th April 2014.

What do you think about this footage? Real of a CGI? Please leave your comment below!

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  1. The "pretended" UFO accelerate thrice it's inital speed when out of the cloud to the edge of the screen. Which is basic proof of fakeness. UFO are not slowed by clouds, neither are plane, so this acceleration is nonsense. Nice try

  2. At first look, it seems quite amazing, but with my always skeptical mind going, there is some thought that it might be computer-generated.

  3. The plane is fake because the Aliens used it as a cover image to hide their craft. Their ability to modify matter is incomprehensible to us. Things we see every day, even people, could be Aliens or Alien reproductions. This situation is bigger and more insidious than the majority of UFO believers are prepared to believe.

  4. I say it's fake because the camera didn't follow the plane. If someone videotapes a plane they wouldn't leave the camera stationary, they would only do this to make it easy to modify the film later. This shot was completely planned.

  5. interesting footage, but unless you see something yourself or something has multiple witnesses, it's hard to know whether it is CGI'd.

  6. I have a big problem with this footage. What was the guy filming to start with? Anyone taking footage of a passing aircraft is going to follow the aircraft. You don't aim it at one spot like this guy did — unless you're planning to splice in a CGI generated UFO. It screams fake to me — and I'm a believer in UFOs.

  7. I know enough bout post production to say that's a very cheap job,please let's not look for weird explanations, this clip is just a fake

  8. I read all your posts (comments) and went back to re-view the clip. You all seem to focus on the close-up part(s) of the clip when the real version is the first portion of the clip (the first few seconds). The plane is going and the camera is not even moving while the plane is going from left to right in the entire frame.<br />I think you all have to watch it again.<br />Not saying it is reel

  9. Has anyone noticed the change in the brightness of the aircraft the moment the ufo came into frame? Also the supposed cloud burst when the ufo came through immediately disappeared, it obviously would have lingered a bit. This is not even a good try, it&#39;s a complete fake.

  10. I’ve seen a real UFO so I don’t need convincing that craft not man-made operate in our atmosphere and beyond, manoeuvring at incredible speeds and can stop and turn in an instant. But I need convincing that this was real footage of a UFO! REMEMBER – Disinformation is the way Govt. keep the truth hidden about alien visitation to our planet. Putting out as many hoaxes as they can to undermine any genuine footage that turns up. Accept they are already here and have been for thousands of years. Genesis 6.

  11. If this were real, you could never get the clear frame with details of the UFO, it would be travelling to fast for that, it would have been a blur, in any frame of it.

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