Poll #55: Do you believe the official story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

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Poll #55: Do you believe the official story of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?

Start Date: Tuesday, April 1, 2014
End Date: Wednesday, April 31, 2014


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Poll #54: Which of the following odd experiences have you had?

UFO sighting: 79%
Alien encounter: 14%
Shadow people sighting: 20%
Other strange creature/entity sighting: 16%
Ghostly encounter: 34%
Time craziness: 23%
Other: 15%
None: 6%

Start Date: Tuesday, March 4, 2014
End Date: Monday, March 31, 2014

Total voters: 629

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  1. Government cover-up? Reckon someone must be blamed. History shows us these sort of events happen. Not the first aircraft to go missing & surely won't be the last!

  2. O'l fred thinks if it's official it ain't necessarily correct, but you fella's gots to know it just might be necessary to correct. Just like a simple o'l wise man used to say, some peoples is real stupid and some is real smart too…..

  3. i dont believe the flight ever left the ground & passengers were whisked away to an undisclosed destination lot of influential people on it v.i.p.s cover up maybe if it crashed into the seas the flight seat cushions wouldve floated to the surface as there not tied down the black box recorder hasnt many days left either nothing to do with extremists just my theory or ufos .

  4. I sense that they are all alive, but not in our dimension. i CAN'T EXPLAIN WHAT I SENSE, I JUST DO. I just have a gift. I don't see them ever finding the plane.

  5. How do you think we have made so many leaps forward, in our evolution. The governments of the world are willing to trade lives in order to obtain the technical knowledge that we seem to be getting each and every day. What are a million or so people a year, for what the rest of us get. Oh yeah, one more thing, since this is Easter. Would you like to guess about the star that lit the way, that time

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