Two Mysterious Lights In Mississippi Are Indeed UFO Sighting


Nighttime images of a UFO captured by a couple in Mississippi made rounds in the internet recently. The photos show a UFO hovering just above the tree line of the couple’s wooded property. While the bright lights look like headlights, their distance to the ground are too high in a place wherein there is no road. Did the couple witnessed a space UFO or something more ordinary?

Jackson County residents Rainer and Edith Shattles were taking pictures of animals during the night using an infrared trail cameras and managing to take some deer in the frame on February 16. After around 30 minutes, a bright light was observed illuminated the animals. Then another light came to the couple’s view. The mysterious lights seemed to float for a few minutes before taking off.

The couple are very sure that the lights did not come from their infrared cameras because their cameras have no visible light source.

Rainer says that they are pretty sure that it is a UFO but not sure whether it’s alien, government drone or something else. He wishes that someone would step out and confirm its identity.

In 2011, there were a surge in UFO sightings in the U.S., increasing by 67 percent from the previous few years. Most alleged extraterrestrial encounters are proven to be ordinary. One notable sighting happened in Kansas City a few years ago but proven to be the Army Golden Knights parachuting team who performed a night jump. However, not all reported sightings turn out to be ordinary. Still, there are unexplained sightings from all over the world.


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    • what? how do deer eye reflections get cast BEHIND them? there is nothing to reflect anything, the cameras are infrared. the source of light is shining on them from in front of them. these 2 people seem genuine and down to earth and i think they know what they're talking about. they said the light showed up suddenly and then took off. none of the deer took off.

    • Martin, sorry, what r u saying..I'm very skeptical about sightings, just 'cos I had three of 'em, clear and unexplainable, and one quite frightening.. but really this video is something, one of the best in last years, and no, please, check the light direction, distance from ground, distance from the two sources of way its a those people are clearly reliable

    • hi janet, just saw ur post, english not my native language u know, so i m not understanding if u seriously asking that or its kinda sarcastic..year ago we excanged a mail when i was still anonymus, i'll try look for that address u gave me and i ll write u, or u just give me another one, as u wish

  1. deer deer never any reflection i think this some sort of craft or prob the deers looking at the lights straight ahead good video unexplained ufo .

  2. WOW!! any cattle mutes or other abductions in areas? Might want to put a 360 degree motion op cams to see in other direction, BTW make shure they have a permit to HUNT DEER!

  3. Fred and the Mrs. likes spending quality time with them swamp fellas chasing gators down in the delta…… and of course looking for them sausage shaped ufos….

  4. Nice that you are so sure. Looks like extant lights to me.<br />I don&#39;t think it could be deer&#39;s eyes.<br />Very interesting whatever it was.

    • I think the first set of &quot;blobs&quot; are moisture collecting on the lens as the temperature drops. This seems to be near coastal Mississippi? What we don&#39;t know is how long any typical exposure is from this camera, as it is not video. A long exposure time would capture several different phenomena in a single frame. The image that seems the most &quot;mysterious&quot; is the last one,

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