Video: V-shaped UFO over Las Vegas, Nevada 6-Jan-2014

boomerang UFOThis interesting daytime footage of a boomerang UFO was recorded earlier this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Witness report: I had just arrived home from work to take the dog out to my backyard. I was facing South at the time of 4:25 pm and to my 3 o’clock was a boomerang-shaped craft.

It was a pewter-black color with an aura around it. It was hovering in one place, then rotating clockwise, moved up then down before disappearing.

I thought I was going crazy so I recorded it on my phone. I watched the video a million times to make sure I’m not losing my mind. I showed my wife and she was shocked.

I thought that UFOs came out at night to avoid being seen?

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  1. Saw exactly the same object in Melbourne Australia on April the 5th..<br />My daughter &amp; I pointed it out to three other people who suggested it was either a plane or unusual balloon..Yeah right..!!

    • No no its not a kite, unless it a remote controlled one. Cant move like it does if its in a string, thats clear. Personally (for a change) I think its an Earth craft..I&#39;ve seen the real deal several times myself..So unless it&#39;s a playful ET-gang of teenagers having a party, its Earth made 🙂

  2. What my daughter &amp; I saw wasn&#39;t a kite, it flew in a particular path &amp; was twisting..Very unusual I&#39;m not suggesting a UFO but was very similar to is on this video..Appeared to be red &amp; white as it twisted at high altitude on a beautiful clear sunny day..

    • but sir, that&#39;s what kites do, they twist around in an unusual path, especially when caught in high wind. kites can go pretty high. of course i could be wrong about my suggestion too.

  3. i.ll explain it its space debris never a ufo floating &amp; dropping over the sky nothing to do with god please send authentic vids in future ur over excited over junk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yawn z

  4. I betcha them fellas wants to drop in a casino or two and play some 7 come 11…… like o&#39;l fred and mrs. do…..

  5. In 1997 I saw a boomerang shape, or just a pair of wings and it was no kite that I saw. It was about 30 ft up 150ft long (approx) with peculiar protuberances underneath.It stopped suddenly then took off like a bat out of hell and was gone in seconds. That sighting got me interested in UFOs.and scared the heck out of me. Still wonder what it was.

  6. its no kite or black tie say the same thing last week in wicklow ireland watched it for 30mins before if zoomed off across the sky gone in a flash so you have seen a ufo pal.

  7. If you want to see my original of 3:45 secs then go to V-shaped ufo over Las Vegas Jan. 6th 2014 (full Video)<br /><br />Las Vegas UFO Hunter of Mojave / Johnathan Rawlings

  8. I saw something very similar to this on 1/1/2017 over the Gold Coast Australia, southport/benowa to be exact. I first saw a cluster of really bright white lights but it dimmed within 5 mins of first noticing it, but you could still see it. Floated there for 4 hrs and was still there when I went to bed at 1.45am. Hovered at a reasonably high altitude most of the time but did come closer, much closer than that video footage. When it came closer I could see it rolling over and twisting. When it hovered at a distance you could make the definitive shape of it because of the clouds above it. It was also easy to see against a cloudless background as it was slightly illuminated. I posted on FB as I was watching it that it looked like an eagle with its wings spread floating in an updraft. Yet it would move side to side lift and drop erratically. It wasnt as high as comercial airlines fly because one went right over the top of it and this “thing” didnt change it’s altitude at all. I have my neighbor that witnessed it too. She started saying about aliens etc and I am open minded. I have no explanation except it was an unidentified flying object.I also had an eerie feeling it was watching me. I flashed my phone camera at it a few times and that was when it came very close to me. Id estimate within 400 mtrs and that worried me greatly. It stayed there for about 2 mins then started slowly moving back to where it had been. I did contact the local newspaper and apparently I wasn’t the only one who had seen it. A journo got a statement and I gave them the video id taken of it when it was a cluster of bright lights.

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