Former Senator Believes Some Extraterrestrial Groups Are Monitoring The Planet

UFO subject continues to grow every year as more people are starting to get updates about it. Somewhat credible information is all over the internet as many scientists, politicians, pilots and other credible people have been stepping forward to disclose what supposed to be highly classified information. It appears that many people are interested to know about these UFO secrecy but there are few who want to remain the subject hidden.

Mike Gravel

The 2008 presidential candidate and former senator, Mike Gravel (D-Alaska), says that there is an extraterrestrial investigation influencing planet Earth. Gravel further claims that something is monitoring the Earth and they’re cautiously monitoring it. The former senator is not the only one saying these things. Many professors, astronauts, military officials and other political figures have been making the same claims. Official documentation that was declassified by the CIA through freedom of information act is now available for free in the internet and generally supports what Gravel and other credible personnel have been saying for years.

Former senator Mike Gravel says during the recent Citizens Hearing on Disclosure that UFO topic branches into different areas such as history, science, politics and consciousness making it a complex issue. He considers the UFO issue as one of the most significant topics in human civilization. He says that humans are programmed to fear this topic and notes that it could have been intentionally done. He stresses that it is time to let go of that fear as there are many lives in the universe.

He says that the Earth and people living on it are recently going through shift. The world is now starting to see things behind the curtain that blinds the majority in all aspects of life, he explains. Gravel further says that there are many transparent topics in human world such as food, health, energy and financial institutions and humans are now recognizing the need for a change. He stresses that mankind has great chance to make something new and perhaps extraterrestrials are monitoring cautiously if human beings can make it.

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  1. Really good stuff. I'd like to see Paul Hellyer attend and lay information as well. The idea being that two countries (Canada/USA) are speaking about this at the same time. Perhaps other retired political/military people from other countries would attend and share their information. I think this would be a major crack in the disclosure barrier.

  2. Yes—these 'aliens' [also known as watchers] have been monitoring earth and it's people since the begining of recorded human history. The best source for imformation on this subject is of course the bible. These unseen demonic beings are 'watching' events unfold as fortold throughout the aformentioned book. They hate mankind, and have caused great suffering such as global

    • If the pronouncements in the Bible are true, which I sincerely beleive they are, than what more of an event could anyone dream or imagine could happen that will/would lead Christians to accept a False Messiah hence ; it's written the[ beast will even fool some of the elect] and that they will fall down and worship it "Great Deception." Sounds like something right out of a movie

    • I would love to here more, as it is more then likely it is the big deception that has been written, and how easy will it be to be sucked in with this slow buildup of things to come, that may only appear to be great in its deception.

  3. Seeing somebody took the time to post this, perhaps they will post the process as well. I do hope they do to me this is a major event.

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