Daytime footage of a flying saucer over Morelos, Mexico 5-May-2014

ovniThis interesting daytime video of a disc-shaped UFO was recorded in the sky above Morelos, Mexico on 5th May 2014.

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  1. Hoax Hoax Hoax….<br />Floating Balloon slowly going down and even tilting forward at the end before disappearing.<br />Moreover jmhz71 has a source is not very trustful !!!

  2. you know what i&#39;ve noticed about all mexico sightings? there are always power lines. the object is always going down behind some trees. the person filming never holds a steady camera.

  3. It seems balloons have become the primary way to hoax a video, since the object is real and exists, so when the video is examined, no tampering is evident, so the examiner has to conclude that it&#39;s a real object in the sky rather than being photo shopped. Usually the way it moves gives it away though, for instance, I&#39;ve seen videos such as a boomerang shaped object tumbling across the

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