Ibiza: UFO Video Bedazzled Astronomer

People of science were perplexed when they saw a video of a seemingly huge and bright object falling from the sky. Other people were claiming that it was a UFO that they are seeing .It got them thinking. It is self- propelled? Or is just one of those junks that space threw just about anywhere?

ibiza ufo

It was April 13 of 2014 at the Spanish Islands of Ibiza when Eduardo de Miguel saw a strange light that seems to be falling from the sky. With his instinct pushing him, he ran towards his camera and quickly grabbing it. He then pushed the record button and got a three-minute video before it disappeared in the midst. Right after watching the video, he then thought about having recorded a UFO falling towards Earth. Being doubtful he then reported it to the authorities and was verified by the Astronomic Association of Eivissa. They right away confirmed that it was not a meteorite and suspected that the object in the said video was made by humans.

And with further investigation of the Department of Defense, they also ruled out the possibility of it being from the military. The Department also stated that the object that was captured in video on that day could just be a space junk. That statement is coinciding with the first theory that the Astronomic Association of Eivissa came up with. A lot of investigations have been made regarding the sighting. One of which even stated that the UFO even changed its directions mid-shift. But with regard to the questions that was raised, we still do not know the answer.

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  1. disappeared in the midst of what? oh they mean the MIST? anyways no it's not space junk. space junk burns up in the atmosphere or falls over water, and residents would be warned about it. to me it seems like a very high passenger jet with a contrail. sometimes, with those 4 engine jumbo jets, the contrails look very thick, especially in cameras. it's moving just at the right speed too.

  2. What evidense made them say right away that it was not a meteorite but made by humans? Space junk doesn't always burn up in the atmosphere, nor fall over water. So where did this 'human' made object land exactly? The islands are not that large. Interesting.

  3. Whatever it was, it was very light weight to fall so slowly, maybe a solar panel from a satellite? It was definitely not a meteor going that slow, but it looked like it was definitely falling, whatever it was. Maybe a deflated weather balloon?

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