Strange circles in the sea in front of Croatian islands: Aliens at work?

underwater circles Croatia
Here’s the TV report about these strange circles found under water near islands in Croatia.
More info in the video!

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  1. Strange reports are coming from Croatia about an unusual phenomenon. They found unusual circles on the seabed on several islands. All have a diameter of 50 meters, are equally distant from the coast and between themselves. They were found by reserchers of a Split ecological associaton called Sun, while checking the marine flora and fauna..<br /><br />Residents of Kornati are wondering whether

  2. Reverse speech found in video:<br /><br />Druel releasters, you&#39;ll see us out soon. Its basic, we cuffed them out, they see our sport. Sinful life is going. You just tossed your selves.&quot;

  3. Who&#39;s brave enough to go and investigate before the authorities do? If there is something alien, it will be suppressed unless someone goes there, photographs the phenomona and gets it reliably published. <br />Perhaps it could be an experimental energy supply using the coastal waters.<br />Whatever, I doubt we&#39;ll hear about any official investigation results.

  4. What kind of circles? What are they made of? Could they be from ancient fishing sites? How old do they appear to be? Were these circles once on land? I would like a lot more info before I would care to speculate on them, but fascinating mystery nevertheless.

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