New Found Evidence of Space Alien Cloaking Technology

An American man believes that he has discovered the indisputable proof of the existence of aliens. In related report, Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says cloaking technology may have applied in hiding the mountain faces from Google Earth map.He explains that it is possible the cloaking technology has been manipulating people’s mind in order to subconsciously forcing them to reject the fact that the face is there and real. Waring notes that extraterrestrials are so advanced even ahead of mankind by millions of years, so underestimating their technology and abilities is totally wrong.

Others have another explanation about the scenario. They believe that the satellites used by Google Earth to take images are high in the sky, making them difficult to capture or photograph the side of mountains and that the stretched or cloaked appearance which happens to be on the side of the mountain fails to show on the map.

Scott provides advice in his report; telling anyone not to get intimidated by thoughts of other people who told you that you are believing the wrong thing. Scott says that if you know what that thing is, then stay to your belief and never back down. In other words, don’t let someone tells you that you’re crazy for believing what most people considered as fantasies fuelled by paranoia.

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  1. This guy sees faces everywhere…how is what could be a natural rock formation proof of an underground alien base?

    • it's not proof. i see faces in clouds. are those supposed to be the dead people looking down on me? that's what i've been told!

  2. I know headlines are slow right now but this guy is infamous in the UFO community for being a waste of time. Seriously about to quit coming to this site if this keeps up…

  3. Scott Waring is a coward. I wrote a couple very respectful comments on his website, challenging his theory on this and other cases. He deleted them. I have so many problems with this kind of "ufology", that it drives me crazy sometimes. The problem is, like many others, I am also a truth seeker and I DO believe we have been visited… but my perspective doesnt jive with Scott's, so

    • There is a 'face' top right of clip that looks like the Sphinx. Why wouldn't he mention this, very important to show that Aliens built the sphinx etc. (OOOOOhhhhhhhh scary!)

    • —so quick to call Scott names ,look in the mirror for all i see from you is criticizing and heaps of comments but when i wrote to you YOU DID NOT EVEN REPLY<br />so cool it m,ate

    • George… you do realize that these are probably different Anonymous&#39;, like me. Who exactly are you referring to?

  4. Not too sure what to think, you could make faces out of clouds too…as for the cloaking, well that could be anything…I would like to think he is right, but not convinced…someone should go there and try and get inside then..maybe then we will get proof.

  5. Does this guy have a life? You could look at any cliff anywhere in the world and see a face if you want to, and what would hiding that so called face do to hide the underground base? This guy makes no sense at all. There was a face in a mountain in New Hampshire called &quot;The Old Man In The Mountain&quot; that has recently collapsed, does this mean there was a base there as well? One word….

    • You never know! Remember &quot;the Devil&#39;s Toaster&quot;, found in &quot;northern Canada (these things ALWAYS are found in northern Canada), that burned a full-frontal picture of Satan on every slice of bread it toasted. True? Of course! It appeared in The National Enquirer.

  6. That&#39;s a heck of a leap to extrapolate an Alien base because of a rock that looks like a face etc.(paradelia) .I have a couple of trees in my yard which at certain times of the year have faces and not at others. Maybe I have an Alien base under my lawn?<br />This site has a lot of weird and wonderful people on it, who are entitled to their opinion, and are a lot of fun when putting forth

    • O&#39;l fred gonna do some book learning and get back to ya on dinosaurs and humans foot print fossils side by side, same time, same place….

    • You fellas gots to know if you look at somthin long enough you is bound to see somthin there…..One time I was staring at some o&#39;l hogs in the pig pen rolling in the mud…. all of a sudden I saw the Mrs. mug on one end and the Mrs. posterior on the other end… bout scared o&#39;l fred silly.

  7. Stay away from Scott Waring… 75% of his site is utter bullsh*t, and he&#39;s hell bent on convincing everyone.

  8. You fellas know where o&#39;l fred could get one a them cloaking devices to hide from the Mrs. ? She&#39;s one a them big gals.. you know like some a them in the market, wide as the isle and filling the basket with pies, cakes, and diet cola……I gets to runnin scared when she says…. fred ! I&#39;m gonna sit on you !

  9. this guy has way too much time on his hands. out of all the places in the world, and he found proof of a face formed rock. time for him to find a girlfriend.

  10. One question: the so-called &quot;face&quot; is doubtless a natural formation that coincidentally bears a resemblance to what the remains of an ancient sculpture of a god, or king, etc., i.e., a very human bust, might look like after centuries of erosion. But Mr. Waring, completely transfixed by his own theory, fails even to consider scenarios that fall within his own premise: if there were

  11. I think there might be some kind of alien cloaking activities going on. The other day my wife and I were driving down a straight highway during the middle of the day with very clear and sunny skies with the sun being about 2 o’clock and to the west and both of us seen a bright light high in the sky like a head light that came out of nowhere and lasted for 2-3 seconds and vanish and then a split second after the bright light vanished a very quick reflection like that you see from a fishing lure in the sun happened. In that moment it looked like a flash of a metallic object. Afterwards We searched the skies for 10-15 minutes and could not see anything at all in the skies. We were complex-ed to the situation. I think the government should start doing drag-nets in the skies to see what they capture.

  12. I’d give him a shovel and tell him to prove theres a hidden base under the mountain. Then when he dug down enough he’d say “the aliens cloaked their ships and musta took off…to another mountain…(one that google glitched up.
    He’s basing all his “theory”/facts(?) all the while using technologies he obviously has not understanding of, especially it’s limitations, a technology (computer/google etc)… he’s so self absorbed and busy making video’s he’s not doing his homework,simple, or he would be open to all the other explanations.He’s not. Deletes comments etc I’m not a conspiracist dude but this guy reeks of misinformer extraordinaire. tongue and cheek “tin foil hat nutter on the web”
    Makes it harder for good honest people who work hard getting answers that matter.Thing is he could be right, but he’s not doing his homework first, stupid armchair scientists.
    (article I read recently)
    What do you see when you look at the above photo, or any electric outlet? If you see a face, you’re probably neurotic.

    Researchers at the NTT Communication Science Laboratories in Tokyo, Japan, conducted a study that revealed pareidolia, or the phenomenon of seeing faces in inanimate shapes and objects, is a feature found in neurotic people.

    To reach this conclusion, scientists assessed volunteers’ personality types. Afterwards, the subjects were shown randomly placed dots on a sheet of paper and asked to report what shapes they interpreted from the image, that is, if they saw any shapes at all.
    When looking at the results, the researchers discovered that those who tested higher in neuroticism—a more negative emotional state—were more likely to see faces in the images shown during the test.

    What does seeing faces have to do with being a glass-half-empty kind of person? According to the researchers, those who are more likely to have high levels of anxiety and negative thoughts are on the lookout for threats. So the people who see faces are picking up danger cues, even if they’re simply buttons on a remote.

    Whether or not you saw faces on objects before you read this, we bet you won’t be able to stop seeing them now.


  13. I know 100% stealth tech is used similar to what’s being mentioned, seen it with my own eyes. I also know they’re everywhere pretty much. So what can I say about this guy with good conscience? Possibly way ahead of his time who knows. Why are so many links from this site broken, says he updates and accepts donations but 3/4 of links are broken or outdated, sad hope gets the sites sh* together. 🙂

  14. I know 100 percent stealth tech is used similar to what’s being mentioned, seen it with my own eyes. I also know they’re everywhere pretty much. So what can I say about this guy with good conscience? Possibly way ahead of his time who knows. Why are so many links from this site broken, says he updates and accepts donations but 3/4 of links are broken or outdated, sad hope gets the sites sh* together. 🙂

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