Two linked UFOs over Buenos Aires, Argentina 26-Apr-2014

orbsUFO videos – This footage of a two unidentified flying objects flying across the night sky above Buenos Aires in Argentina was recorded on 26th April 2014.

Witness report: [Google translate from Spanish] Reappear mysterious orbitaciones (UFO / ORB ) Doubles Points Lenticular / April 2014 from Argentina , abnormal displacement is checked and verified on the Satellite ready , but there was no overlap . The phenomenon is Orbital, and for 3 years , has become capriciously appellant Celeste in a region covering about the capital of Argentina ( Buenos Aires ) in most of the cases dated and recorded from here , always visible and North arrumbamiento N / West ( weird detail) . 04/26/2014 19:23 Double UFO / Orb over Argentina , one of the first of this year 2014 , Orbital mysterious bright dual core , often naked eye, are not discernible ” rather than as a single point very radiant Light in the sky , this case was ” Figures – 1 / -2″ . equal and greater than ” Sirio ” sky’s the brightest star in the task of checking and verifying the case , but precautions were taken into account , the satellite listings magnitudes different light , even these being smaller in magnitude , sometimes ( the same case ) is verified and compared ” to back too ” the same event ( before and after ) and even three , if necessary, ” Wear this specific case for example, to pay serious attention to Cable , Adeos II being very suggestive in the listings this afternoon , checked in follow-up through the successive steps of later days , which showed nothing extraordinary or abnormal , as being formed by a dual-core . You can find for my bank video , but similar cases , always being careful also to achieve as close to Zenith register to counteract atmospheric aberrations in the image etc, the equipment used was Trv 310 (video x fire ware , No date cam) , infrared mode. Greetings to all researchers.

Author (source: mufon)

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