Top UFO videos: UFO over Somerset, UK – 1998

somerset ufo 1998

This UFO, which was filmed on July 4, 1998 in Somerset, UK was brought to the test of special effects engineer Bill George of Lucas Films to test its authenticity, and passed! This clip was from the great UFO documentary Out Of The Blue and was aired on the Sci-Fi channel.

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  1. The only possibilities I can think of if it's not alien is it's a balloon or some secret military craft, it concerns me that they didn't show how it left, did they not film the whole event? Otherwise, we have a genuine UFO here.

    • i always wonder about that too. these people have the time to stand there and film for 12 mins, but not to keep on it till the ufo goes away! i would be doing that until my arms dropped off or something. it's good they had a pro SEFX guy with his analysis but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a genuine ufo. i think it is.

    • The man who filmed this did not want to attach his name to the video as he became quite frightened after the craft started moving in his direction. Plus, the British military paid him a visit because the antenna the craft was hovering over was a pulsed signal from them.

  2. Seems like a genuine sighting. It&#39;s a pity abut the wobble, but I know from experience that: a) When you are excited your hands can shake the camera.b) Unless your have a very expensive camera with an incredible zoom, it&#39;s also difficult for an automatic focus camera to keep the image steady and c) even with a tripod there is still image shake possibly because of distances involved.<br />

    • You know something of optics, wow. Many comments here do not address these issues, while criticising the photographer,

    • i&#39;ve seen good optics comments for years, actually. i like when pilots and military people make good comments too.

  3. This is the best video evidence ever presented of an alien craft. This is the same craft as seen in the Mexico solar eclipse in the 1990&#39;s. This video is from the documentary Out of the Blue. I have watched this over and over and am amazed by it every time. What alien race is inside these craft? Are they curious about us or are they hostile and await a time when they will take action

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