UFO activity over Chicag, Illinois – March 2014

Chicago UFOs
Another TV report from TercerMilenio. This time about the strange UFO sighting that happened in March 2014 over Chicago, Illinois.

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  1. this is highly interesting and i remember hearing about it on actual tv, but it was brief and never seen again. can you imagine if all media picked up on this sighting and kept showing it for weeks like earthly disasters get shown? the public would be so frightened there'd be mass hysteria all around. that is why fantastic films like this are only seen on internet. (still seen by millions,

  2. i wonder if these helicopter pilots will ever say what they witnessed that night.<br />i highly doubt it, for fear of ridicule. even though there is video to back them up. shame on them for keeping the public blind by keeping their mouths shut.

  3. Interesting footage. So has any further research been done? How many people saw this? What was actually seen with the naked eye? Was there military activity in the area at that time. Drones? Toys? Chinese lanterns or just Aliens messing about?

  4. Too bad both videos are out of focus. It is mystifying that CNN and other major media outlets don&#39;t report UFO sightings. Why wouldn&#39;t they? Everyone loves a good UFO video. It&#39;s because of this lack of reporting that gives credence to the fact that a secret pact has been made between major news outlets and the government (secret or otherwise) to not cover UFO sightings. If indeed

    • If there is an &quot;understanding/agreement&quot; with the government it must have some real teeth. Having dealt with media on a few occasions, they can be like dogs on a bone for the right story. Strange that you don&#39;t see some rogue reporter with, &quot;the truth&quot;. I think they ignore the UFO stuff because there is no confirmation official or otherwise. In a situation such as this

  5. Like fred sausage Whatsyurbeef likes getting to the meat of the subject. I&#39;ve seen lights like these over Phoenix and Chicago. So whats your beef ?

  6. I don&#39;t think the majority of the Public would be frightened by these shots. Other UFOs, occasions, such as the O&#39;Hare airport , with witnesses, have been shown without mass hysteria.<br />Could have been military, and the chopper was military and checking up. Or Aliens (oooohh) teasing the citizens of Earth who knows?<br />I&#39;m from the Show Me State, so show me!

  7. Only a few days after these lights were seen in the skies over Chicago, an electrical vault exploded and burned on the near north side of Chicago. At the same moment, several apartment fires were reported in the same area. Coincidence?

  8. Questions… what happened after the end of the video? where those lights gone? just desaperared? how long this event last? who were in the helicopters? police? news media? air force? why those lights are messing around major cities worldwide and no airforce fighters are deployed?

    • William you is obviously a smart fella and ask some good questions, too bad no smart fellas gots some good answers…. but you gots to know that s the way of the world…. some peoples is real smart and some is real stupid too…<br />

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