Unidentified Flying Objects Crashes in a small Village in China

3 Ship-like UFO’s were witnessed crash landing in Heilongjiang province in China on the early Friday morning of May 16, 2014.

The question of the round spherical ship-like objects origins still remains a mystery among the villagers who also said that they have seen the object burning and covered in a ball of fire before crashing into a vegetable garden owned by one of the residents of the village. There were 3 of these strange ship-like objects in total. The UFO’s are thought to be not of this earth in nature and is still under the investigation of Chinese authorities.

UFO China

According to OpenMinds.TV the strange objects were metal in structure which appears in grey metallic color, weighs almost 90 pounds each, and are about 2 and a half feet in length.

But before anyone else draw their conclusion of the UFO crash, the China News Service said in their website Ecnc.cn that the UFO’s seen by the villagers were remains of a Russian Proton-M rocket which is supposed to carry communication satellites out into space. The rocket experienced engine failures and disintegrated in mid-air shortly after its launch in the morning of May 16, 2014.

Chinese media claims that the 3 ship-like round metallic objects were the undestroyed parts of the Russian rocket.

The true identity of the 3 ship-like spherical metallic objects is still left unanswered but the experience and stories of the villagers in Heilongjiang province is undeniably true as many of them have laid eyes of the object and shares the same story about the UFO’s crash landing.

The truth of these UFO’s still remains a mystery as of this moment.

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  1. Looks similar to the fuel cells in a V1 buzz bomb. If memory serves, V2 rocket had something similar but larger.

  2. if it's pieces of the rocket, then that's what it is; pieces of rocket. why get our hopes up? still not identified? this happened on the 16th, 4 days ago. are there any heiroglyphics on it? has anyone had radiation sickness? is it disintegrating or sinking into earth? many questions, where are the answers?

  3. It's a good thing o'l fred speaks Chinese fluently…. Confucius say Oriental who look to sky in circles for ufo become disoriented…

  4. What does ol Fred think of Chinese women? But apart from that. Does he think these are sausage balls? Pieces of sausage craft chopped off and rounded before being flown off from the main sausage body?

    • O;l fred was familiar with a real nice China gal back in the 70's, If o'l fred wanted to get cookin she'd ask him to take off his shoes. then get the sausage balls and sausage all lined up using the Feng Shui method before he could get the grill all fired up…….O'l fred don't care much for foreplay unless he's in his Caddy cruising lookin for UFO's.

  5. Have 3 foo fighters finally crashed? Are these the objects that were seen by pilots during WWII? Do these account for the orb sightings all over the world? Or are they really just part of a Russian satellite rocket?

  6. Did it have a 'Made in China' tag on it? Of all the places it could have crashed, why did it crash in China? It seems dubious that it's a real UFO.

  7. are you even kidding me ?? “UFOS” crash in Chinese village and the picture shows an oxygen or hydrogen tank for a rocket ?? Wow ! that must have been a pretty important post once again wasn`t it ?? There must be retarded people running the show there now because whomever picks the video content should work for Third phase of moon shite . What an embarrasment this page has become.You toss away great viedo footage and replace it with absolute garbage and Enquirer type reporting & images. You`ll go far .NOT. Lame as shit…

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