Watch the Earth in HD: The ISS/NASA Experiment

earth hd

Check out the latest experiment from NASA: The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV). These cameras are exposed to the radiation of the sun, which will allow scientists to understand how this affects them.

These ISS cams are pointed down to our planet at all times so we can see some really amazing images. Maybe you can also catch a UFO!

If the stream is down (the screen will be grey), take a look at some of the top footage recorded so far:

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  1. "If the stream is down (the screen will be grey)" that just means we saw something we don't want YOU to see. Enjoy your "live" censored view.

  2. Turn the camera focus on the moon with high res hd zoom and let us all see the slack jaws landing and taking off up there.

  3. I gots to wonder if them fellas can see o'l freds pink caddy cruisin down route 66 from up there…?

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