Amazing fast UFO recorded by Puerto Rican Homeland Security – April 2013

homeland security UFO

Check out this amazing UFO video, allegedly obtained from Puerto Rican federal agency. This footage clearly shows a UFO flying at extreme speed in the sky over Aguadilla in Puerto Rico. It looks like this UFO (or maybe there are two of them?) is thrown into the sea at extreme speed.
This clip was taken on 26th April 2013 at 1:22 pm.


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  1. a very interesting video and almost unbelievable that it was released. the things almost become invisible at certain points. but i don't see them going into the sea at high speed. it looks like they just drop into the sea. cool!

  2. This video was uploaded to YouTube by José Martínez, a member of the Puerto Rican Research Group. He explains that the video was shot by a helicopter from Rafael Hernandez International Airport, which was formerly a United States Air Force base called Ramey Air Force Base (This base was named after Brigadier General Howard Knox Ramey, and not after General Roger Ramey as some believe. Roger Ramey

  3. If the object was high speed, it was no faster than the chopper which took the pics. And where were the military jets, surely they had time to scramble. Did anyone on the ground see this? Interesting video nevertheless.Certainly an object of some kind.

    • You think just over 4 minutes is time for jets to scramble? It looks like the chopper was using sophisticated video equipment, able to zoom and follow an object at high speeds, the chopper didn't necessarily have to be travelling at the same speed as the object, as long as they could keep it in view by panning the camera. I saw no splash as it entered the water, which is interesting, it

  4. Finally! I REAL UFO video posted on this site! I believe this was some sort of alien probe or if it was a populated craft, the beings were quite small. But then again, I have no reference point to judge distance or size. Amazing video though!

  5. Perhaps there was no need to scramble jets as the someone already knows what/who this is. One of the best clips I have seen. Pro camera work.

  6. where did they go ? very fast walkers probe crafts .did they drop into the water ? strange no military interception ? good video more proof of either new technology or its our old alien friends .

  7. The clip I watched had birds twittering on the soundtrack. During the first few frames, the object resembled a bird and I distinctly glimpsed flapping wings. The "high tech" sight-lines and data look super-composited over footage that was deliberately posturized to obscure what would otherwise appear as a bird. At least, that is my humble and uninformed opinion.

  8. On returning to the site, I was more perplexed than ever; and it seemed as if some troll was amongst the ranks with a heavy pair of shears, curtailing all intelligent discussion, so as to make posting pointless. When all became quiet, I departed, promising myself never to return again. Further, strange manifestations of an invisible power were going about my inbox for well over a decade, deleting

  9. Yes, it was analyzed by a Scientific UFO Group they say. No names of course. Maybe the same group that LEAKED it, they’re nameless also.

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