Black UFO Flies Over Mexico’s Playa del Carmen

UFO over Mexico
A black UFO activity was recorded by a witness over Quintana Roo, Mexico’s Playa del Carmen. The interesting event happened on May 29, 2014 after sunset. A dark UFO was noticed by the witness as the sun was setting. He depicts the UFO as silent, dark, and black.

The witness almost lost sight of the strange aerial object from his view as the sun set. It suddenly came to his mind that he has Yukon pro 5×45 night vision monocular and Angel Eye digital video recorder, so he ran inside his home and got his camcorder.

He recorded a 5-minute video and could have been longer if the DRV’s battery was not drained. According to the witness, he used a video set up for a dark night sky in shooting the video. He then darkened it and increased the contrast to get a better visual of the object.

He uploaded part of his video to YouTube, slightly over one and a half minutes. The video shows a hovering object at first then it moves through the dark sky. In the description of the video, the witness says that the unknown aerial object seems to decrease in altitude and move to two antennas as landmarks.

The witness adds that the object does not look like anything that he has known.

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