Circle UFO seen and filmed over Galveston, Texas 12-Jun-2014

circle ufo

This UFO was witnessed by multiple people in Galveston, Texas on 12th June 2014 around 8:30. They described it as a silent, clear flying circle.

Here’s the video:

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  1. that’s a fantastic capture! the fact that you saw this, a “cloaked” or almost invisible craft, is really lucky. there are many reported craft that are like this, because they have a mirrored body, and reflect the surroundings. people have reported them only when they have seen them either land, or when something goes into the landed craft.

  2. Well that happened because of the weather, but in a pretty different way.
    This kind of circular smoke formation mostly reported when a main power transformer explodes. Many videos and images can be found

  3. This really is a lucky sighting and their are a lot more things to be be seen or not in both the sky and amongst us. They have super advanced cloaking systems but they are not perfect, they can move at extremely high speeds through our atmosphere our eyes cannot see but our cameras do.

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