Interesting and Mysterious Things About Area 51

Area 51 or Groom Lake is known as a remote facility of Edwards Air Force Base. The CIA officially called it Nevada Test and Training Range or Groom Lake. Area 51 is the name used in a CIA document from the Vietnam War. The first official acknowledgement of Area 51 was done in July 2013 when CIA declassified documents about the history and purpose of Area 51. This declassification was a response of an FOIA request filed in 2005. Continue reading to know some things that you may still don’t know about Area 51.

5. Name
Conspiracy theorists and ordinary people have given a lot of possible origin of the name Area 51, and the most popular involves where the facility is located. Area 51 borders the Nevada Test Site (NTS), which is used by the AEC as testing grounds for nuclear bombs. Mapped as a grid of squares, the NTS is numbered from 1 to 30 with a few omissions. Area 51 is not part of the grid but borders Area 15. Many say that the site got its name from changing the order of 1 and 5.

4. Secrecy
While Area 51 has already been declassified, people at the facility should sign a secrecy oath, whether military or civilian. All employees and/or contractors can’t see anything not related to their work at the facility as all the buildings don’t have windows, the shortest way to describe it is compartmentalized. It is believed by conspiracy theorists that different teams would work on the same projects at the same time. Every time a test of an aircraft is conducted, officials order employees, who are not involved of the activity, to stay inside until test flight is over or when the aircraft returns to its hanger.

3. F-17
In December 1977, the Lockheed Blue prototype stealth fighter first flew at Groom. Lockheed Corporation’s Advanced Development Projects was awarded by the Air Force for a full-scale development contract of the F-17. The Lockheed test team at Area 51 received the delivery of the First Full Scale Development (FSD) prototype on January 17, 1981. It was designated YF-117A and test pilot Hal Farley flew it off the Area 51 runway.

2. Janet

janet area 51

Popular stories say that over 1,000 people arrive and leave Area 51, usually through air travel on unmarked Janet flights from Las Vegas. The second method is a white bus that picks up local commuters from Alamo, Ash Springs, and Crystal Springs. While the Janet flights can hardly be seen, if it can be seen at all, the white bus usually seen daily at around 8:30 AM in Area 51 front gates.

bob lazar

1. Bob Lazar
In 1987, Robert Lazar made a big news across the world with his claim on television that he has been part of a project that involves on alien technology. He said that there were at least nine alien spacecraft kept by the government at a base called S-4. This base is located near Groom Lake. He said that reverse engineering has been done to alien technology for use in power production and U.S. military vehicles.

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    • it&#39;s been called Janet for MANY YEARS ! ……. I know, am a Janet<br />also and MUFON supporter! ………………. it&#39;s a more common name in the UK ~~~` must have originated through that connection ?? : ) …………… Enjoy the continual Discoveries in our Universe – We are NOT alone it seems 🙂 … Nothing to fear !

  1. For heaven&#39;s sake, why the incessant curiosity about Area 51? If it is classified it&#39;s classified and not for anyone including terrorists and anti American groups to have access to. Do you not think that other countries have the same &quot;Secret&#39; bases? For good reason, and other countries may not hesitate to shoot those who try to get into their facilities.<br />Give it a rest

  2. Seen the flights from my hotel room in Las Vegas…very cool…how do I get one of those jobs so I can commute on a jet liner?

  3. its name is declassified, lets wait till the doors open to world scientists first before judging if there is aliens down there. One thing for sure, never trust a tyrant military that equips terrorists to destroy sovereign nations.

  4. For sure Area51 is not the only facility that operates goverment (black and white budgets?). My guess is that there’re many bases in and out usa that develope technologies associated with ufos. Area51 became an icon, … as this base is highly followed by people from entire world… for sure main projects are not developed there… maybe antarctic…who knows don’t speak, who speaks a lot .. don’t know!

  5. Area 51 is just so OVERDONE !! Why would anyone think the gov’t would keep ANY type of UFO / E.T. apparatus or beings there ?? Its the most watched ‘secret’ base in the world. DUH. The gov’t has PLENTY of other places too keep this type of information/UFO’S/Beings.. or anything. You know darn well, all they do is work on DOMESTIC “Earthly” projects there. The people obsessed over this place make the rest of us believers look like morons….SERIOUSLY. Use your brains and energy on OTHER more likely places. For crying out loud people, just leave AREA 51 alone, there will never be anything revealed there because it ISN’T there. thank you

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