UFOs Near Natural Disasters

There are many videos and photos already showing UFOs near disasters, recorded and captured by thousands of people around the world. UFO sightings during disasters were also being depicted for thousands of years in paintings and hieroglyphics.

Recently, strange objects have been seen near in many sharply damaging disasters, such as the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Other natural disasters that have been witnessed with UFOs are wild fires in different parts the world.

Adding to this mysterious scenario is the unprecedented increase of triangle UFOs that have been witnessed in different countries and with great detail than ever before.

Many videos about UFOs in the middle of disasters have been making rounds online. Among these mysterious aerial objects are black triangle, beaming lights and dark sphere. Recently, a video was posted to YouTube showing dark-colored sphere circling against a massive tornado’s spiraling vortex winds.

One footage features 911 phone calls from a Michigan massive sighting. It seems that the video tries to relive the mysterious event through conversations between responders and government.

Why unknown aerial objects are somewhat common in area where disasters take place? Why sightings of black triangle have been tremendously increasing in the last few months? Do you believe that these UFOs are extraterrestrial in origin? Or are you one of the skeptics who believe that those UFOs are experimental aircraft or other terrestrial aerial objects? Perhaps you believe that these mysterious UFOs are secret craft of some rogue organization? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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  1. If I were alien, and my fellow ETs and I were interested in the most delightful piece of real estate in the entire solar system, and this real estate was currently occupied by less intelligent beings that I thought would be good workers and easy to influence, I would perhaps create disasters to make them feel insecure and threatened so that when I showed up with the "power" to make the

  2. Fallen angels cast out of heaven were compared to having the appearance of stars. Satan or Lucifer referred to as the angel of light. All were cast out of heaven. Where were they cast to ? Earth. What's their hobby ? The destruction of the human race. I believe some of these ufos are spiritual beings of a alien and demonic nature. In time they will come to humankind posing as saviors,

    • Say now them two first post got fred to thinkin…… Sorry o'l fred ain't got no drink to help make a fella smarter,,,, otherwise o'l fred would be drinking it regular…. but my wife bakes a real good ( Humble Pie) if you'd like a slice….

  3. i live in petaluma ca.we see the triangle shaped lights every night,moving in closer later in the night they seem to move fast,or slow at will.what are they?there not like any aircraft i have ever seen.i watch them fly into place nightly.

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