Flying saucer hovering in the sky above North Kentucky 18-Jun-2014

New video of a possible flying saucer hovering in the sky above North Kentucky. This was taken on Wednesday, 18th June 2014 at 9:45 pm.

Witness report: I was out with my son’s and we got this ufo on video. This is the first time I have seen anything like this.

Author (darksky737 @ youtube)

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  1. amazing genuine footage well done its all over the nights sky awesome .thanks for posting this video darksky 737 what more truth does people need wheres the cops military etc

  2. that looks too good to be true. it looks like a lighted toy hanging from something, as it’s tilting around as it’s twirling, and then as it slows down it just stops. you say it’s in the sky? like how far up and how far away? are your neighbours playing tricks on you? i believe you that what you say you are seeing is true, but i don’t believe it’s a ufo. if it is it’s astonishing!

  3. clicked upon real , for the object is not identified ~ ‘ . the 2nd video of posting ,{ probably both video was during the same timeline that night}could look as if a disc with lights ~ O RR toy was spinning / not hovering~ from a string , no sound off the object …eh ~ hum ? just the lights and spinning circular shape .odd wobble as object goes in motion ,yet that shows up on both brief videos . like a spinning plate on a stick struggling for the balance . ok a dad and son , see’s and videos , the object , and they have animals , farm type ….. assuming this was a saucer type ufo , and farm animals ….. that combo [saucer disc or other shapes of UNknowns,even military ones’] then : hopeful there animals were not ….effected negatively / by one very Very specific style . every ufo video is interesting and important to see /enlarge screen / analyze every frame section , the hidden light (to human eyes) use those cameras . sometimes hoaxes are not hoaxes , some are

  4. we all have our eyes open, but we can all tell too when something looks extremely hoaxed. this is extremely hoaxed, and LUFOS takes us for a bunch of saps.

  5. This is fake, it is a balloon with lights around the edge, probably with a weight in the middle which they started spinning when they let it go. You can see it finally stop spinning at the end of the video, and they abruptly ended it. Wouldn’t you keep filming to see what it does? Obvious set up. If it was real, the pilot must have been drunk, LOL.

  6. its a hoax, top was spinning then slowed down near the end of the video and stopped and started to slowly spin the other direction

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