Latest Crop circles

Here are the latest crop circles from all over the Europe:

– 30th May; Loose Bottom near Falmer in East Sussex, UK

– 4th June; Standdaarbuiten, Netherlands

– 6th June; Gipsy Lane in Winchester near Hampshire, UK

– 6th June; Cerkvenjak, Slovenia

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  1. how was the morse code figured out for the third one? who came to this conclusion that it was morse code? that is highly interesting. these latest formations seem kind of tame, actually, compared to more intricate ones of years past. i wonder why? aliens, what are you trying to tell us?!? (besides the obvious no more war)

    • These crop circles were created by humans, not aliens. Don't assume anything – look at the context, check the evidence, and let the science tell us. For morse code saying "No More War" to appear on the 70th D Day anniversary is too human. Aliens would not think this way..

  2. Say now the 3rd one has the look of Laser engraving on a digital disc o&#39;l fred recommends you fellas get that hunk a ground on a super sized disc tray and let&#39;s see what them folk is telling us……Maybe it&#39;s a invite to a big time Sausage cook out and Wing Ding……<br />

  3. i think the dot dash one could represent microbes in a lab under a microscope . ? just a guess the slovenia one looks quite primitive compared to complex ones over the past 20 odd yrs .the ones in the netherlands has been seen in a book by the authority on the subject colin andrews whose been studying for decades . definately this formations been seen in england few yrs back .its really keep an

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