UFO caught on tape over Peru 4-May-2014

UFO base

This interesting video of an unidentified flying object flying over the hill Marabamba in Huanuco, Peru. Recorded on 4th May 2014.

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  1. could those shiny spots not just be things reflecting sunlight? like mirrors, pieces of junk metal or even glass?

  2. It's clear to me after watching a discovery channel show where MUFON goes to Mexico and confronts Jaime about how a lot of his video's are nothing more than hoax's. Poor Jaime hasn't a clue and is just a TV host who cares on;y about his ratings.

  3. mirrors reflecting in the sunlight or other type of metallic objects spaced out over the rugged terrain very questionable ?

  4. This Mr Jaime Maussan wants to fake evidence to confuse people…in this shot you can see are mirrors glittering in the distance…Because do not follow until they rise and fly at high speed…always when see videos of this nature…question is yourself, always end up there is nothing relevant.

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