Stunning UFO Caught By Mars Curiosity Rover – April 2014

curiosity ufo

Very interesting object caught near Mount Sharp on Mars by Curiosity Rover. Object appears cylindrical in shape and appears in five images over a 10 minute period.

These pictures actually are on the NASA website:

4th June 2014:
Update about this possible UFO sighting on Mars:

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    • Most of the stars are not changed, some are there and then they are not, it could be different exposures for each photo. I know the main camera has two eyes that take pictures independently, it may be the way the two different eyes see the background.

    • To me it looks like 2or 3 what appear to be stars, that actually move. Seems strange if you watch it over a few times???

  1. What is interesting about these pictures is that the likelihood of fakery is next to nil, unlike so many shots or videos taken by people. In this case, there is nothing contrived in the pictures, because no human vent was involved. As to what the object is, who knows?

  2. Could be an asteroid travelling very fast that came close to Mars but not close enough to get trapped by it's gravity. The reason it appears elongated is the speed is too much for the camera.

    • I agree wt u Joe, slow shutter speed, even if I didn't find any info bout the shutter speeds of those cameras on the web, looked everywhere…the stars being still and timing of the shots help me to guess +o- the speed though.. But at this point there r a few oddities from the pics on NASA website. The before and after shots. Object just appears from the horizon, shooting up. And then it

  3. Them sausage shaped ufos gets freds mrs. almost as happy as riding topless in the caddy……listening to afternoon delight……<br />

  4. The stars are changing because the camera is adjusting to the light of the object. This tells us the object is either reflecting or generating quite a bit of light. Mars with it&#39;s thin atmosphere would allow for distant objects to be very visible. This may be a orbital object reflecting the sun. This could easily be determined if we knew the azimuth and time. What the object is is another

  5. What has NASA&#39;s response been ?! Silence is an admission of an unknown, unexplained, unconventional object !

  6. THESE ARE REAL..they have been seen and RECORDED entering VOLCANOES for years and passing over them in mexico and other countries ..why dont you all do your study before making stupid comments just goes to prove by the silly comments above that most of the population are completely dumbed down to the facts lol its NO WONDER that the real truth is so hard to find with the public discarding everybodys theory on these objects …

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