Fast orbs filmed over Berkshire, UK 29-Jul-2014


New footage of a daytime UFO sighting filmed in the sky above Berkshire, United Kingdom. This was taken on Tuesday, 29th July 2014.

Witness report: Three ‘orbs’ fly above cloud level over Berkshire, appearing within just 45 seconds of each other.
Ist orb appear top right of screen at 3.03, second travels down from top centre through clearing in clouds at 0.12 whilst final one travels from left to bottom centre between gap in clouds a few second before the end of this video.
Footage captured on a Nikon P300 facing directly up at sky with 50% zoom. Footage has been enhanced in iMovie and plays at normal speed. Recorded at around 3.30pm on July 29th

Author (sutekh prime @ youtube)

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  1. out of focus dandelion seeds blowing in the wind. i am a keen photographer and film maker and i get these all the time in the summer.ufo phenomenon is a real mystery,unfortunately these are knowns

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