A Giant UFO Seen With Strange Looking Figures in the Capitol Building, DC

white house ufos

Strange light and figures at the windows of the building that houses the President and some of the most important people in America caught on camera.

Is this the time aliens visited the U.S. Capitol? Interesting video seems to show a mysterious light above the building pulsating like a commonly reported UFO.

Adding to the mystery are the strange figures seen on the video as the cameraman zooms in.

The footage has sparked debate among netizens. One comment says that those figures were not teleported aliens, but people in odd lighting effects.

One viewer notes the light emanating from the top of the building, followed by the strange lighting effect of the top windows. It seems that an advanced type of either communication technology or weapon is at work. The commenter says that it would be more interesting if specific day, time, camera type, direction and other specifics are given.

Another viewer says that it is one of the strangest videos featuring UFOs and possible aliens he ever saw while wondering if the part of the building with strange figures is inaccessible.

It isn’t the only time the White House has reportedly visited by extraterrestrials. An amateur photographer captured a photo in 1952 showing flying saucers around the building and many still believe that the video is completely genuine.

However, the latest video failed to impress many people who say that believers of the video are soft-minded, at best funny people.

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  1. You probably wouldn’t like it if I confused Big Ben with Buckingham Palace. The building in this video is known as the Capitol Building. The White House is the mansion with a flat roof. The grainy nature of this video leaves me skeptical. It looks like a cell phone shooting off a monitor? I would prefer a good clean digital copy of the original footage, with the appropriate digital enhancements. — Just sayin’!

  2. Not being American, so I confess ignorance, but is that building open to visitors? (Not particularly the Alien kind)So could this be just people visiting at night? Quite the stretch to see Aliens teleporting.

  3. Say now fellas it’s just congress having a wing ding, drinking shine and shooting off fire works left over from the 4th of July….. and if you look reeeel close you can see the Pres. doing James Brown imitations….. in a Cold Sweat,,, and I got the feelin…..

  4. Say fellas it looks like congress having a wing ding and settin off some fireworks left over from the 4th of july…. if you look reeeel close you can see the pres. skate dancin like james brown….. to cold sweat and i got the feelin…..pelosi and the speaker john boy is doing the hoola hoop…..and the whole bunch is laughin all the way to da bank….

  5. Looks like people inside the white house. Web cam videos are little nervous. Calling this a ufo with aliens is a bit of a stretch.

    • no. 1 again-this is NOT the white house.in 1952-about 8-10 ufos “flew over”-(not visited) the CAPITAL..this building doe NOT “house the prez”.this is a “joke”-& a fuzzy one at that…

  6. I agree with Tony, and what gives it away is that it is being shoot only to the right side like preparing for the special effect.

  7. with today’s CGI anything can be done. this is really quite complete nonsense. and the figures in the windows are just humans!

  8. utter rubbish im scottish dont know much about capitol building or american architecture but this is all a complete hoax why is this site accepting these false videos utter hogwash .

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