UFO fleet caught over airport area in Mexico City


A skywatcher with infrared camera recorded a fleet of UFOs over the international airport of Mexico City.

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  1. Why are these idiots taking already published videos of birds, speeding them up then calling them alien fleets FFS !?! They are simply making cocks of themselves.

  2. Might it be that a Nuclear weapon is at the ready to be shot off in Mexico city and the kind Beings are MARKING it for us? A way of waking us up to what the nuclear industry is trying to do to us here?

  3. What about a flock of geese? Their bodies are big enough to radiate infrared and the movement of the objects would be consistent with such a flock. And the relative speed depends on their distance, so when they are not too far away or above, they would seem to travel fast.

  4. There are a lot of sightings in Mexico,I think they are trying to tell us something, I know myself I’ve seen a lot of crazy things over the past couple years .our government won’t tell us anything.others will what do u think?

    • I have spotted a fleet of UFO with really bright lights out in the sky while i was at a party at 11:40 PM July 20 2014 everyone there saw and recorded but they where to far to be seen on camera

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