Energy object filmed over Italy by Antonio Urzi – May 2014

Antonio Urzi UFOs

Antonio Urzi is an Italian that has recorded amazing UFO images. Strange objects flying a few meters away from him and he knows how to use a telescope to see them at a very hight altitude.

Watch TV report from TercerMilenio about this new UFO video recorded by Antonio Urzi over Cinisello Balsamo, a comune in the Province of Milan in the Italian region of Lombardy, about 10 kilometres (6 mi) northeast of Milan city center.

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  1. You know many of these videos are strange, and they show strange objects, but I haven’t seen any that can definitely be labeled as a craft from another world. I am not a skeptic, I am a believer, but I need to see something that leaves no doubt, and has not been photo shopped. This object was strange, but how can you say it’s extraterrestrial? Now that first video of the saucer could possibly be extraterrestrial if it is real, but again, how can we be sure it’s real? I need hard evidence to be able to say with 100% confidence that something is from another world, that’s just how it is. I get a kick out of some people who see a video of a light in the sky moving, and they comment something like “now that’s definitely alien” LOL.

    • there are many books that claim the hard evidence you are looking for. but yes, pictures and films are another story for sure. yes it’s funny when people say they know it’s alien too.

  2. ive watched antonios ufo videos on you tube he.s been captering lots of different types over the yrs & seems to have an interaction with them via his videos & other photography this latest ones excellent . thanks antonio.

  3. Antonio Urzi trully is amazing, he’s definitely an UFO contactee. He can capture UFO sightings anytime he wants. Amazing, really!!

  4. I believe that aliens do exist more and more after I read a book by the late Dr. Hyneck. As Malta is a very small island we seldom see any UFO activities. May be such reports are in the news once every 10 years.

    A few years ago I was in my kitchen and noticed for a long time a shinning spot on part of the long marble bench that surround part of my kitchen. This shinning spot was close to the fridge. After a while I looked through the window kitchen and noticed a spot in the sky far away. At once I realized that the spot in the sky was reflecting on my marble kitchen bench.

    At once I run from my kitchen to my sitting room to go out on my balcony to try and look at the spot in the sky that I noticed while I was in the kitchen. To my amazement as soon as I arrived by the balcony door I clearly saw a silver soundless flying saucer passing by the Mosque which is situated in front of my kitchen and sitting room. The flying saucer passed the roof top of my flat of blocks.

    After a while I phoned to the most popular local daily newspaper’s newsroom and after I told the person who answered my phone call what I saw. I inquired if there were any reports about such sighting. The reply was in the negative.

    Up to this day I am really very angry with myself that I had not picked up my digital camera. Nevertheless after this experience I am more convinced that aliens do exist.

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