The Dalai Lama’s Thoughts On Extraterrestrial Contact

dalai lama aliens

The Dalai Lama has shared some of his interesting views about extraterrestrial visit to Earth. It is not every day that somebody with such high-authority talks about this topic and it becomes more interesting as the subject has gained much popularity. Dalai Lama put emphasis on the belief that everything is interconnected, which means that everything is one and everyone can see everything and everyone else.

The belief that all are interconnected is not necessarily spiritual anymore as modern science is catching up to this matter. A great example of this belief is the interconnectedness of all things. According to Dalai Lama, the first step to see the interconnectedness of those reside on other worlds is realizing that everyone living on Earth is interconnected. Having said that, Dalai Lama believes humans are moving towards contact with those from other worlds and today’s generation, as well as the ones after, has a future in the stars.

Many people on Earth believes that intelligent extraterrestrial life is out there and many believe that the alien visitation to Earth has been happening for a very long time. There is an abundance of evidence of the claim that Earth has been visited and being visited on a daily basis. This evidence ranges from official documentation by governments, intelligence agencies and more. Additionally, there have been statements issued by very high level political and military personnel. To support such claims, many professionals claim to have had direct contact with extraterrestrials.

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  1. hi to all on the earth ufo are real I have cintact from 2012 with space craft from moon they watch on me from the skay and just jumping in fron of the my camera they want to be recorded on camera they are here belive me they want contact only if you want check my real contact on youtube user theyhere2012 peace on earth no war please !!!!!

  2. I like the Dalai Lama, he reminds me a lot of Pope Francis, easy going and sensible, even though I’m not a very religious person. It also seems both would have no problem with meeting aliens, or admitting that they may indeed exist.

  3. I have for years been having dreams of UFO’s coming to earth and that the aliens are alerady here. They Sort of look like us. I have had dreams where they are doing physical test on me as well and they sometimes are very painful. So why should we not believe? They are already here. Last dream I had, was a few years ago in which they said they would make their presence known in Ohio…Why Ohio? I don’t know.

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