The UFO Chronicles Of Monk Hsu-Yun

Monk Hsu Yun aka Xu-Yun

The UFO Enigma has touched not only the social and cultural aspects of the human being just as well as the spiritual realm of humanity.

One spiritual influence is in the late accounts of a famous Chan Buddhist Master named Hsu Yun (Xu-Yun), who practiced Chinese Zen Buddhism and the master was known to be one of the most influential Monk during his 119 years of life on earth from 1840 to 1959.

Master Hsu-Yun chronicled and believed that his sightings of balls of fire in the mountains of Da-Lou China in 1884 had some spiritual meaning. He remarked the balls of fire in his accounts as the “wisdom lamps” or “wisdom lights” which he paid profound respect and admiration. The sighting happened on the second night of his visit, and he described the UFO as a huge ball of fire that broke down into ten different sizes which flew up and down in the night sky of the mountain. Master Hsu-Yun believed that his experience with the strange lights has a link with a higher form of consciousness and holiness. Swedish writer Sanjin Đumiŝić who discovered the information said that the case could be something more like an extraterrestrial encounter.

Dai Luoding Temple
Dai Luoding Temple

Monk Hsu-Yun’s autobiography entitled Empty Cloud (Amazon link) mentioned the “wisdom lamps” only a few times, and there is no more account that could tell more about the lights that would help the researchers go down to the bottom of the mystery.

This finding of Đumiŝić means that these older writings are still of value today for there lie many unexpected riddles within them.

There now stands a temple that rests on top of the mountain where the famous Monk witnessed his experience with the unidentified lights. The sanctuary now becomes a tourist attraction in China, and many of its visitors is equally fascinated with the sacred monument and the mysteries that its night skies hold.

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  1. What a great article and a great mystery. I believe buddhists are more likely to encounter ufos and aliens, while they are meditating.

  2. The sooner people wake up and realize we are NOT alone in this universe, I think we will have first contact. It’s obvious there are alien’s & UFO’S, there’s been 10’s of thousand’s of sighting’s & abduction’s over the year’s since 1947, the first modern record and who know’s how much in the millinion’s before, THEY ALL CAN’T BE LIER’S CAN THEY ?

  3. We my grandson and me witnessed 2 UFOs on 7/20/2014, time 9.47pm 2 lights came from the south we thought they were helicopters but no noisce,they flew over my house when they cross where we could see their back ,no light,we saw 2 discs flying north estimated time 2 minute distance approx. 30 some mile approx. speed 1000 miles an hour
    the discs seemed like they were floating like a boat in the water.We saw the top and bottom.

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