UFO caught on tape over Victoria, Australia 17-Jul-2014

Australia UFOs

Submitted by: David
Location of the sighting: Taylors Hill, Victoria, Australia
Date of sighting: 17th July 2014, 4.39pm

Witness report: This luminous UFO was filmed heading west past the suburb of Taylors Hill, Australia on the 17th of July 2014, at 4.39pm. I don’t believe the object being filmed is any kind of conventional aircraft. The sun is situated to the right hand side of the object and is low to the horizon at the time of filming. Before this sighting i had observed a number of civilian jets under the same lightning conditions at a similar point in the sky and at long range- at all times the aircraft’s fuselage was clearly illuminated showing details of the plane’s actual shape, which leads me to conclude that the rounded appearance of this unidentified object is NOT the result of glare or intense light being reflected off of the objects surface. It is spherical in form. It is difficult to ascertain any fine course adjustments this UFO may have made due to the tree branches swaying backwards and forwards in the frame but it seems as though it is maintaining a constant heading. The UFO was filmed in the Near-Infrared spectrum (950nm).

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  1. I saw a light flash at one point, could this have just been a helicopter? The video was a little shaky and out of focus and there’s not enough here to tell what it is, so I can’t say it’s extraterrestrial.

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