Amazing video of unidentified flying objects over San Pablo, Brasil 8-Aug-2014


New UFO sighting recorded over San Pablo, Brazil. These fast and bright objects were filmed on Friday, 8th August 2014.

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  1. Very interesting.. Seems like something was going on….
    Saw some very intense acceleration so I’m leaning towards at least some of the objects not being the mundane.

  2. These ‘orbs’ are extraterrestrial, and increasingly common; some kind of remote ‘piloted’ monitoring device (probably a lot like the ‘kino’ from the Stargate Universe television show). These devices may also be an autonomously piloted observation or sensor ‘drone’. They seem to be drawn to various phenomenon:
    – large public gatherings, parties or crises
    – radiation monitoring (power plants & nuclear weapons manufacture, storage & deployment)
    – geomagnetic field mapping (perhaps!!)
    – CE5 telepathy interaction (see Robert Bingham)

    WHY they are monitoring these phenomenon, I have no idea, but it is essential we keep documenting these events so the proper correlations can be made.
    One more thing to note: I observe these orbs behaving as if a group life form at times, such as a school of dolphins, because they each seem to have an independent curiosity, and they interact with each other, with the group, and with the event; this behavior could be programmed, or it could be natural.

    Now I do believe these are extraterrestrial, because I have witnessed one myself in person. After 15 minutes, I saw it zoom up into orbit. So the other explanation is, If they are some kind of semi-physical, semi energy ‘being’, they could be terrestrial (living in our magnetosphere), or they could be alien (some kind of ‘pets’, slaves, or perhaps a cooperative).

  3. very interesting if some one else had a recording from other point of view in town. It looks like three of these lights landed…. ¿could be elicopter models?

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