UFO sighting caught on tape over “secret military base” in Bournemouth, UK 8-Aug-2014

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I just received this UFO report from UFODI

Location: Bournemouth, UK
Date: 8th August 2014

Report: This amazing footage was recorded in Bounemouth England and the witness suspect there to be a secret military base 3 miles north east of Hurn airport Bounemouth UK.

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  1. I live 2 miles from Bournemouth International Airport (Hurn) as it’s known to locals. If you check the Red Arrows website, they are the RAF Display Team and were based at Hurn over the last few days. They appear at numerous town carnivals all over the British Isles.
    There are 9 of them…..check the picture, it’s the Red Arrows Display Team in formation……secret military base ? I really don’t think so to be honest.

  2. I would love to know how/why the ‘secret witness’ believes there’s a secret military base in the area. What evidence does he have ? If he took the actual footage then he must’ve known that this was the Red Arrows.

  3. It was the red arrows display team, I saw them, there were also crowds there watching, sorry no ufo’s, not there at that location on that day and time,

  4. Such is the ‘Knowledge’ of the ‘locals’ commenting here, there is no US defence tech company operating as QinetiQ at this site, who specialise in military drone and robot technology.

  5. Quinetiq are not a ‘secret base’.I don’t know of any ‘secret bases’ that advertise themselves. The ‘locals’ know what they’re talking about. Get your facts straight.

  6. I invite everyone to read the allies of humanity briefings. The allies of humanity are a group of off world observers who came to a hidden location in our solarsystem to monitor the ET intervention that is taking place since some time. They have left our solar system because they were detected by the intervening forces. They have sent us a report of the situation. They inform us & make clear that the situation is alarming and dangerous. We are at risk of becoming subjugated to ET forces. Their power over us is growing. It can only be counteracted if enough ppl become aware and resist them in time.

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