Daytime UFO sighting above Calgary, Canada 16-Aug-2014

ufo caglary

This daytime video of a solid unidentified flying object flying across the sky above Calgary in Alberta, Canada was recorded on Saturday, 16th August 2014 at approximately 5:30pm.

Witness report: I was outside on my patio looking north waiting to take video/photos of
an approaching storm. As I was watching the sky this black circular object caught my eye. I thought at first it was a balloon but it was stationary for 10 minutes or so so I decided to take a few photos and videos.

I couldn’t focus or zoom in on the object because it was hard to see on the camera screen. In the first 2 videos I had to focus on the building below it and move the camera up and try to catch it, the object was moving toward the building in a west direction. The third video I used some tree branches to locate the object as it started to move in the opposite eastern direction but unfortunately the camera focused on the tree branches instead of the object, you can still see it in the clouds but it is faint.

The camera used was a Sony DSC-HX30V purchased in Japan

Author: Darren
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  1. That person needs banning from filming UFO’s for life..
    How can someone be so useless while owning some decent kit?? couldn’t even keep focus or the object in the frame…


    • Dave G, I sent the video. The camera has a small screen an it was overcast. I had to zoom in a lot just to catch it. I couldn’t see it on the camera only with my eyes. I wasn’t even sure if i captured it. I realize it’s not a great video because of this reason. No need for that kind of feedback though. How many videos have you sent in?

  2. thank you for your effort! it is indeed a very interesting object, and you can still see it even in the clouds. not a balloon at all.

    • Thanks for your comment Janet, when I first noticed it I was kind of shocked that I was seeing it. I ran to get my camera and couldn’t focus on the object and had to keep going back to the building to regain perspective of where it was. I realize it’s not great footage and apologize for it, at least I tried.

      • This is exactly the reason I will not buy a camera if it doesn’t have a viewfinder, I think using just a screen is the worse design for a camera. They must think it’s cool, but it’s not very practical at all. Unless you can look through the lens, you’ll likely run across the very problem you had. I would recommend everyone buy a camera with a viewfinder, maybe they’ll stop making ones with just a view screen.

  3. Thanks for your video. Please don’t let some negative comment discourage you from posting again. Also, it seems to me that similar, orb-like objects are being recording elsewhere on the planet. So this is an important contribution to that body of observations.

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