UK’s latest crop circles

crop circles 2014

Here are three latest crop circles from United Kingdom:

  •  August 12; Mixon near Etchilhampton, Wiltshire
  • August 13; Gussage St Andrews near Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
  • August 16; Nettle Hill near Ansty, Warwickshire


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  1. Through many years celestial beings have left us their messages through parables that very few people understand…Not only in the cultures of England, but in other parts of the world including in caves and in the pyramids where drawings have appeared echo by ancient civilizations as testimonies of their stocks, this undoubtedly is a language incomprehensible to the man, we must not forget that he is writing about people who esconderían all things related to the God of heaven, which United States denies any relationship with these ships, then, why send space probes that exceed our Galaxy if ever man will come to those ends? The answer is simple: the fact that the Lords of the sky are already here, is to meet all this for the war of Armageddon, which is known as the Lord of light, against the Lords of darkness.

  2. Still on fence regarding crop circles Seen people doing them on tv for experiment & they av been dun at night but some really complex ones that you think no way has someone dun this in the dead of nite and just for the record crop circles have been showing up since the 1600’s

    • OVNI!!!

      I would expect anyone with such poor spelling skills, would be of a low enough level of intellect, that this same person could not possibly get their head around ET doing this.

      It is O.K. Ovni; you just go on believing some drunks from the pub did such ornate work, falling down drunk with a bit of 4 x 2!

      The same supposed drunks that you think make these ornate circles can not even hit the Urinal at the pub……………..So of course some local lads did this……………….NOT!!!

      • alot of people who come here and make comments are of a different language/nationality. they are making a big effort to type what they can in english, and you are cutting them down in a second.since you don’t realize this, perhaps you have an intelligence problem. be understanding. if you don’t believe in crop circles, don’t come here and make negative comments, just go somewhere else. no one will miss you.

  3. Porque alteraram o texto da mensagem que deixei acima, fazendo-a parecer com uma tradução efetuada por computador ?

  4. The mrs. is gonna be getting reeel serious about startin up a new crop circle pizza enterprise….. we might do just a few styles to start with then after a bit add more configurations to the menu…..and you fellas gots to know o’l fred is bound to have one a them pizzas with sausage….

  5. wow! that eye one was very nice and the very pointy one looks like a ship of some sort. i wonder if man will ever get to know what these say??

  6. I really like what you have said Trouman Rali, but I do have an affinity with understanding the crop circles with some interpretative insights to these beautiful designs left for us to acknowledge. They are also timely to experience that we need in order to transcend this present experience of chaos and despair. I suppose the interesting part of interpreting these is that you have to have the experience before you gain an insight and since they say ‘all time exists at the one time, as well as a number of dimensions occur simultaneously in parallel universe theories etc’ – we need to acknowledge that for that to occur- there must be interrelationships between those multi dimensional experiences as part of a unified field. This brings me to the first simple image of the first design left on 12 Aug at Mixon, Wiltshire- which to me is meant to be read in this sequence of three designs within the next 3 -4 days. I believe there is much more accuracy of experience to read into these than what I offer here, but there is a point at which – you need to draw a line in a one way (subjective) communication!
    This first image to me is saying this lesson is about the soul field on Level six energetics. It has simple offset circle nucleus in a simple circle outline. I wonder if you calculated the actual mathematical relationships of the centre circle and the outer dimensions, the areas of visual density (massing) that you would also be able to determine some more mathematical correlations with meaning to ourselves – but that is not determinable from this video. Anyway, the centre point and the field parameter are powerful references in themselves of wholeness and completeness, nucleus and the cell and soul reference. Notice it is offset, that is because we are biological beings and not regulated mathematical symbols, as some would have you believe we are all computer generations!(Although I am sure I have met many computer animated beings in flesh before!)Mathematics is a beautiful expression that communicates concepts through space and time, but as they say- there are no straight lines in nature!) So, this first design indication is that we are talking about the Divine relationship of the Soul – in wholeness, and also denotes our Nature in that.
    The next design (Gussage, St Andrews, Dorset UK) follows on with that to give an extrapolation of that Level 6 relationship with the double pyramid indicating ‘as it is above – so it is below’ – except it is also displaying the point at which the soul ignites in this divine relationship and the illumination and energetic array of the upper pyramid sending out intersecting axis of wavelength in perfect and regulated balance. These balance points and waves are what stabilize the being and the energetic resonance of power that is unleashed when the soul makes this connection. We discover our Divine nature (level 6) and the finer attributes of our subtle universal bodies, along with revelation of our biological nature (lower pyramid – being the material nature) – the upper Divine being more Light and Energetic (metaphysical nature) – thus the sparks shown. The wavelengths- with central axis of balance – can be drawn in correlation to the likeness of crystalline structure- on soul level. They are the points that hold these relationships between body (biochemistry) mind (brain chemistry and thoughtwaves) and soul experience (emotions and feelings- chemistry) stable. It is the three sixes, and in case you are wondering this is also a 3 D design so there are other axial points that hold the polarities of this design.
    The last is a progression from this again at Nettle Hill (Dorset, UK-16 Aug), as it expands upon the abilities of the soul’s ability ‘to see with Love (or light of the soul)’ within our mind’s sight and inherent understanding. ( often referred to as Eye of God) There seems to be two main movements from a central core ( that appears more dense and stable which hold a centrality of point to perimeter control- and then expanding ( spirally) outward with mathematical precision to the outer perimeter- (as an imposed boundary )– or otherwise to mathematical infinity. It gives indication of the ability to zoom in on a scalar ( spatial) level and to connect with the relational ratios and dimensions to interpret each layer- that is through perception of light, time and space. It connects interiority with exteriority. The eye might be seen as the third eye – which is the initiate of the brains biochemistry and ability to perceive as the mind’s eye. The mind’s eye is guided by the soul connecting the body biological with higher divine (nature) and greater spiritual energies (higher attributes). This design relates to Level six energies again with the inner ‘appearance of more certainty and fixity’ with a centrifugal force- denoting the 4 equal quadrants of spirit and divine mind energetic integration with the brain as an illuminated sphere of light – that then spirals out to the ‘edge of experience’ (as a zone in which created reality exists). This is touched by 24 points of parallelograms as part of the mathematical expression. The number 24 is important to represent the ‘good and beautiful imagination of man’ on level 6 and may also be signified by an energy point in the spinal column about mid shoulder blade at the back. This is a spatial ratio of the energetic body- i.e. universal body of Man ( it is really 2:4- beautiful nature- or subtle body of nature). It also inflects a notion that in Divine nature – we move from a central emanation of metaphysical nature more densely pack certainty (in idea, knowledge, understanding) to a multiplicity of planes of perceived experience)of manifestation- that becomes the stage for reality to take form and to be experienced. It is based upon sacred geometry, with the mathematical ratios and sequences relating to Fibonacci set, denoting that within ‘spiritual guidelines’ – originality and individual experience of reality can take place within the spaces held-guided by spiritual principles of ‘design’. The design being the manifestation of Truth inherent in the expression of life through Spirit, – Light , Wave, Frequency and magnitude. This is the delivered soul certainty from an otherwise uncertain reality that we might construct outside of these guidelines – as reflected in current chaos in much of the workings of our world. It is also a way of understanding how all dimensions can exist simultaneously, as it is a mastery of our own (universal) understanding of space and time- that we exist in a form of reality at all. What I have noticed throughout my life is that all of these symbolic references and personal experiences, are never cut and dried, when we are introduced to a new level of understanding, we are always given at least an introduction to the next level that lies beyond that. In this case, it might be read from the middle ring of points touching the circle, if you read from quadrant points there are relationships drawn of 4 lots of 6 points within each quadrant. The outer ring has also totals 24 but in different groups- – my notation being 7, 6, & 6-5 quadrant axis points. If we look down upon this crop design- you might say that the inner field is the soul core field, the middle field is the human energy field and the outer field being the created reality of experience through the imagination of Man. The spirit is transported with the soul core encircling out towards the edge of experience and is present as the experiencer of that reality. (So, in that we are never alone- as ultimately, the spirit walks before us in evolving the reality).Where there is light (guided by the soul)- we walk in light, where there is darkness ( of no soul or spiritual value)we walk in darkness.
    The middle field possibly denotes the need to master the divine aspect of mind – 4 quadrants by level 6 energies, in order to function correctly with the soul/spirit nature. When that is balanced then we are able ‘to see’ with love and understanding (bringing into focus level 7 energies.) These abilities are all initiated at level 5 throat chakra energies in balance relationship with the heart chakra level 4)) – in order to learn to balance our mind on divine nature level- (to be guided by our true soul/nature) and then to create our reality guided by Spiritual relationship. To my best knowledge, the next level 8 in Gnostic terms is to create a civil existence with humanity at the core guided by Love. Maybe when we all reach Level 6 balance (Divine Mind cognition) then we will begin to see Level 8 civility in our sights for the human reality evolve? So, while this may offer insights of a beautiful design in meaning and appearances, it is a universal (collective) understanding that needs to be achieved and not only the subjective, and- acted upon before we can ‘grow a better reality’. Hopefully there is a subconscious cognition from viewing these designs without having to agree or understand my interpretation alone. I believe that these designs are delivered by Human beings of more advanced civilizations and dimensions and we do need to get past just querying that or not- because as with Jesus- it is more about what he tried to impart to us, than who he was or what his title was. Obviously they are carried out in a bid to help us- otherwise why do them at all? I see them as invaluable indicators and signposts. Perhaps we all have a different angle on them, but this is my offering. ( some 3 hours in the writing)! Enjoy!

  7. this year circles are not so impressive..except for the “basket” thing…but it could a “new” thing (it has been used few years ago.)
    Most *could* be man-made imo…quality of design,execution is not as good it used to be (why?).

    Now,if it comes from another world/planet.. it is probably not here “every year” but only on “period”,…when “travel time” is short or possible. (like ufo used to come by “wave”)
    Or,the “skilled people” have retired 😉

    Anyway the best crop circles of the past are still hard to explain..and some anomaly can’t explained too.
    It has be proven Man can make some nice circle but i don’t know for sure.

  8. It’s not the shapes that you’d look to for proving anything since the hoaxers, as far as we can tell, have gotten very good at flattening crop. What they can’t do is create biological changes to the plants and chemical changes to the soil, which supports the idea that we are dealing with some non-human agency. For first class documentaries that go into reasons to believe, with the most recent one getting a good review in The New York Times:

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