NEW! Ancient Aliens – The God Particle S07E03

ancient aliens

Ancient Aliens: The God Particle
History Channel, Season 7, Episode 3
8th August 2014

It has been called the key to the universe and possibly the most important scientific breakthrough of all time. Could the so-called “God Particle” reveal the truth about our origins? And might clues to its significance have been left here on Earth thousands of years ago by extraterrestrial beings? The age-old question, “where did we come from?” remains a mystery, but in 2012, scientists at CERN laboratory announced the discovery of the “God Particle”–the subatomic particle that is believed to give mass to matter–and offers a closer understanding of just how the universe began. The discovery seemingly pitted science against religion. But could science and religion actually be kindred spirits? Many ancient religions and mythologies describe the origins of the universe in ways very similar to today’s scientific explanations and proclaim that this information was given to them by otherworldy beings.

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  1. Love your stories. If we can keep Rush Limbaugh and his rich following from buying up all the good channels–the truth about UFO s might emerge

  2. The more them fellas learn the more they got to learn, one door opens to another. You know fred ain’t the brightest fella around but I gots a feeling we ain’t even scratched the surface of the mystery of where and when it all started. You see folks o’l fred thinks our universe with all that’s in it is comparable to a cell in the human body, one of trillions that make up a body of infinity that is entirely outside our dimension, and you know what folks it all originated with a Creator whether you call it God, Supreme Being, etc. it’s of intelligent design. You see things as dynamic and complex as the universe don’t just fall into place, every thing is precisely placed and thought out. Take the earths relationship to the moon for example, change the moons apogee or perigee in relation to the earth and you got yourself some real problems…. no it didn’t just happen by happenstance.

  3. To all the scientific world, and the “normal people” – enthusiasts… This is amazingly outstanding, that the people / human race is (has did) constructing such vehicles / machines that are about to explore so hidden and valuable things, the physics. Humans are America’s outstandings! Nice job! We’re about entertainments forever more, from now on. TV and beyond, up there.

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