Multiple Witnesses Report a UFO Over North Wales to Social Media and Local News

ufos over uk

Many witnesses reportedly spotted similar UFO over North Wales on the night of August 4, 2014. As expected on today’s norm, several of the witnesses turned to social media sharing and looking for answers regarding what they had just witnessed. One of the spotters posted a video to YouTube, others shared their experiences to Facebook, and one man tweeted a local news bureau.

The first set of sightings happened in Wrexham, North Wales. The video of this UFO was posted by David Price to YouTube. In his description, he says he used his iPod to capture a video and transferred it to his tablet before he posted it to YouTube.

In a local website, Price says he saw strange lights about 10:20 pm while in First Avenue in Gwersyllt looking towards Bradley. He describes the lights as far apart but connected, flying slowly towards the town without making any sound. He adds that they were all red flashing in sync but not together.

Another witness claims he also saw the red lights flying far apart but moving really slow.

In a local news outlet’s Facebook page, a man who introduced himself as Stephen asks question to anyone about the identity of the mysterious Wrexham lights he saw last night.

Later that night, a man named Mikey Rowe in nearby Deeside claims he saw similar object. He tweeted a local news outlet saying he had seen something mysterious fly above Deeside flashing red lights.

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