Tourists Are Flocking To Germany and England To See Crop Circles

crop circle germany

AOL News recently reported about the appearance of crop circle at a Bavarian farmer’s field, which has become the latest tourist attraction in Germany. However, the mysterious formation of crops is not only limited to Germany as the same crop circle has appeared in the U.K. There are videos online showing crop circles in England.

In Germany, a man in a hot air balloon spotted first the well-designed crop circle. He spread his sighting and tourists then started to show up in the field to take a look at the amazing work of the unknown.

The owner farmer Christoph Huttner told news media that he did not make the circle himself. However, he dismissed the idea that the circle was paranormal in nature, or it was made by extraterrestrials. He said that it was likely the design by students on summer vacation. His field’s crop circle measured 75-feet in diameter.

There were visitors in the field who dance, sing and even did spiritual ceremonies. Some are also apparently trying to get some kind of energy or vibe from the formation by swinging pendulums in a large shape.

Huttner said that he does not know yet up to when he’ll leave the design in his field. Up to this writing, the farmer has not charged anything to crop circle visitors.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reported a large crop circle this month in South West England. The formation is the first this year that appeared near Blandford Forum in Dorset leaving locals baffled as to who did it. It is a 400 feet pattern that covers a wide stretch of the wheat field, composed of geometric lines and circles.

While many think crop circles are made by beings from outer space, some believe that they are made by talented pranksters. It is not yet determined whether crop circles in Germany and England have connections or it is just a coincidence.

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  1. This crop circle is quite easy to understand from my interpretation.
    It is talking of the harmonious balance of body,mind and soulaspect of mind. This is expressed thru the third eye or level six energies of divine mind. It is when we ccan balance the relationships of light and darkness(non light) and synthesize this through our perception and inner sight . When the ‘divine’ aspect of mind is achieved through this gland, it enables us to understand not only the ability to magnify the mind’s sight( interrnal vision ), the mathematical computations of scale and design ( particularly the golden rule aspect of sight) but to be able to penetrate surfaces with our insight. The brain requires to be balanced to achieve this ‘ keen’ sight aspect. The harmonies mentioned relate to mathematical ratios that underlie all creation and design manifestation – and also allow us to access the universal star map contained within the ‘mind’ fieldof energies’ and accessed through the brain organ.This is a beautiful expression. It is also relates to soul aspect of ourseles- the lesson to be selfless rather than selfish , in order to obtain love in our sight and our ability to gain inner sight , ie. understanding. Once the interplay of light and dark balance is mastered ( not easy)- it also balances out as a balanced temprament- ie. brain biochemistry for many sufferers of mental illness. Light has spiritual qualities as well as physical. On the physical level the inner magnified circle, denotes not only ability for the eye to zoom in on an object without moving in location- but also indicates that the centre is a beginning point of 1/2 circle of void and 12/circle of light- and expands outward to the perimeter of the field – as the field of visualand energetic expereince. This precarious beginning point of centre and accurate balance of light and dark , is also the beginning point a twhihc to understand dichotomies in nater and deign, opposites etc. space +matter,visible , unvisable etc.It is the channel through which the spirit of love and understanding is able to become visible to those you can see it – as a golden light that shines within physical light and the consciousness aspect of mind- enabling it to be present in the moment and the experience of the human being. It represents ‘keen sight’ in all regards. It is imperative to understand this for well being of all persons, and esp. those wishing to enhance thier divine mind attributes. Whoever is doing these knows their stuff!

  2. These are energy templates that match the physics of creationism beautifully..sacred geometry is what is being revealed to us..imagine liquid traveling down the lines..twirling at the spindle..those are the circles..if it swims walks or flies it is a 6 cuz 6 is movement..anyway..wait till the little carts that go to these rides show up with the carnies who run these rides…till then..telepathy time..dime…

  3. the two previous comments are true but the first uses language acceptable to new wave religion but if you cut through the BS it’s correct. The same semantically says the sanpme thing but mentions template a reality of the Mindsweep origin saying that this circle is real while the previous German exampleis created by cruder human means meaning nothing. The circles in summary speak to us subliminally challenging us to digest & interpolate the insidious symbol in our own understanding thanks

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