TR-3B sighting over Adelaide, Australia 3-Aug-2014


This intereseting footage of a triangular-shaped UFO (possible TR-3B) was recorded in the night sky above Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia and the fifth-largest city in Australia. Filmed on Sunday, 3rd August 2014.

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  1. hello people,

    We my partner Suzan and me are ufo investigators from holland, i want to make a comment about the TBR3.It is not what it seems to be!! look at the footage slow it down and look at the right light!!
    There is a being standing in the light / window ! you see the light as a whole thing it is not there is somebody or something standing there {0:20 sec 0:21 sec,

  2. I enjoy the thrill of watching you love Photos also I live in Alaska and USA I have lived here my whole life I have experienced for UFOs. One actually came through my bedroom window It looked more like a human spaceship and size it was like the extra still floating looking like a turtle

  3. 0:20 sec ):21 sec – something or somebody standing there ????
    WHAT ? how did you imagine is too poor quality to see anything like that …
    Too many Amsterdam ‘special Tea’ , ‘cookies’ or ‘ muffins’ before you watched that one.

  4. i think its a new type of jet type plane aussie made prototype not a tr 3b looks a bit triangular but im on the fence with this one folks .

  5. Good Catch Ronald Dekker, I see it too (although very fast and small, but I don’t disagree!!!) What are these effing things doing here? That’s all I want to know!!! Ideas, anyone? Bueller? Anyone?

  6. TR-3B? Very likely an ETV.
    The first article here about the alleged TR-3B is, apparently, disinformation, because of all the technical details provided that only scientists who worked on the project would know anything about, consequently, it’s solely for the purpose of giving credibility to the TR-3B, and confuse everyone in the Exopolitics/UFO community about triangular sightings, and to think that these UFOs must be secret military craft and not our friendly ETs as seen in the 2nd link.
    Logic and common sense dictate that what spacecraft exist in the secret US space fleet (“Solar Warden”) wouldn’t be flown around where people could see them, because they would most likely think they are seeing an ET spacecraft, and they don’t want us to know about the ET presence.
    Official Belgium Air Force video of F-16s sent up after Triangle shaped spacecraft
    Genuine photographs of the Belgium UFO sightings

    • I would take care thinking the ets are friendly /// TOO MUCH EVIDENCE THAT THEY

  7. Wow…. Some people are very very small minded. So quick to shrug off these things they obviously have no knowledge about. You can clearly see it’s not a plane or anything else we should be seeing in the sky. Don’t be so arrogant to assume you know.

  8. well, now I came across this searching for “UFO adelaide” because I’m sure someone else must’ve seen the “things ” in the sky we did?! We live in Seaview downs, Adelaide and out in the back yard my 6 yr old daughter said “Daddy, whats those stars doing up there in the day time?” Time was about 27/1/17 4:20pm.
    Can only describe what we saw as a bright star, but below it there was a cluster of white “specks” that could almost be birds if they wer’nt so high up. I mean these things looks like they were miles up. The bright star like thing was heading south and getting fainter. The trails seemed to follow it. By the time I got my SLR out they were too faint and it didn’t pick up anything after I tried everything in light room. Surely someone else saw this??

    Called my wife to have a look too and all 3 of us were baffled?!?! I’m positive someone else must have seen this??

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