Triangular formation filmed over La Crosse, Wisconsin – August 2014

Wisconsin UFO

Interesting UFO sighting of a triangular-shaped formation in the night sky above La Crosse, Wisconsin. This was recorded recently (in August 2014).

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  1. I definatly believe you! I too have see the light display above my house near Appleton/Freedom area in mid July although I had only witnessed two ships orbiting around the area, and then they move with a passion out of sight when I attempted to use morse code with my strobe light

  2. Early morning, April 2013 in deep south Texas, a large and motionless, dark colored triangular shaped object was clearly observed sitting at approx. 20-25,000 feet AGL. Object was “parked” partially behind very thin Cirrus type cloud. Cirrus cloud was drifting slowly eastward (southern jetstream ??) Was seen over north part of McAllen, Texas, time approx. 7:10 am CST. Object was observed 4 or 5 min. before it disappeared at incredible speed toward the east-northeast…there was no engine sound nor “sonic boom” from going over Mach. Immediately checked with McAllen Intl. airport, they did not see the object nor receive any pilot reports referencing same. Checked again later with those I knew that lived in the immediate area..there were no other witnesses.

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