UFO near the ISS

UFO near ISS

NASA TV broadcasted a live UFO from the International Space Station. This happened on 14th February 2014.

Find out more info in the video below!

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  1. A live camera up there for the public to watch , a good way to slowly bring the truth out without panic , disclosure is a slow ,delicate ,planned, controlled process

  2. its definitely not a UFO but something on the camera linse. Maybe a drop of condensed water that wobbles around or something like that. Why do I think that? Look at the movie with open eyes and beat out the UFO of your head for a moment. You will notice, the “object”, I’d call it the “blibb” does move exactly with the camera and space-station, when it roles away from the earth horizon. It’s funny (or intentionally?) the movie is cut exactly at the moment, the drop would be visible as what it is. Seems like the movie ends right at the moment, when the so called “UFO” should disappear “behind” the scene of the ISS. But this part they do not want to show us. Nice try but not a good example again for the community to accept such an obvious fake.

  3. We are not alone, their is life out their and our Galaxy is one of millions, so we have traveled to other planets near by. What makes all of us think they want to visit our planet to discover our way of living.

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