Images of UFO Over Romford

flying saucer

If extraterrestrials are trying make contact with humanity, they have probably chosen Romford as one of the places to do so. This is at least the suspicion raised by new images that came out this week, showing a UFO over Havering.

The images were taken from Asda supermarket’s car park in Romford. One of them appears to show 2 dim red lights floating in the sky. Another enhanced image apparently shows the 2 lights surrounded by a black silhouette.

The daughter of Hornchurch man Bob Williams captured the images in 2012 at dusk in autumn. Bob said that his daughter had just got in her car and all set to go when mysterious lights caught her attention through her front windscreen.

UK ufoAccording to Bob, her daughter is used to taking pictures of anything she finds appealing. The activity involving strange lights is not an exemption, as she managed to grab her mobile phone and took the photo.

His daughter had watched the UFO briefly before it disappeared when it vertically shot away in an angle. She made sure that she had not just witnessed a leaf or a lump of something by checking the windscreen. She also checked the lens of her camera for dirt obstructions that might affect the photo she had taken. After all of the checking, she was convinced that she had just pictured something important.

Bob, 58-year old former policeman in Romford, who has been interested in modern military planes, said that the pictures show something an aircraft not terrestrial in origin.

He said it was certainly not a balloon, a weather balloon, airship, aircraft, kite or model that he had knowledge, which put it in the unidentified category for him.

Since the object was seen flying, it fits the category of a UFO, he concluded.

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  1. like i said more than once; to get a picture of a ufo right at the second you see it is very rare. to actually capture that photo is extremely lucky.

  2. One can see that the black round shape has edges with much higher resolution that the rest of the picture (the grains visible on the picture do not affect the boundary of the black object). So, the black object has been added to the picture with a higher resolution than the rest of it.

  3. I have photos of 4 UFOS from my backyard, I have been abducted in the 60s when I was a little girl and I remember my abduction clearly, I have been visited on a regular basis through out my life…

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