Amazing UFO activity over Harbor City, California – August 2014

daytime UFO

On 8th August 2014, Jim Velasco recorded an uncommon video of an unidentified flying object that stretches like a rubber band and vibrates. This hapened in Harbor City, California.

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  1. The camera is what’s vibrating, not the object! Whatever is making that sound is causing the camera to vibrate and distort the image.
    Sounds like a lot of chatter in the background, is someone using a household electrical item that causes the sound and vibration?

  2. How fascinating. Could something bigger than this and unseen have been causing those trumpet like sounds etc, which have been heard throughout the world?
    Could it be a creature or an unknown atmospheric phenomenon? No doubt we will see more of these similar effects.
    Very interesting.

  3. When the object vibrates the sound is instantaneous. There should be a delay for the sound to reach the cameras microphone because of the distance the sound has to travel. Depending on the distance of the object, there should be a several second delay on the video before you hear the sound.

      • I completely agree with Derek’s observation AND Janet’s response. As also observed by the musician in the video and its commentator, the sound did not travel at the speed of sound coming from the object, it traveled at basically the speed of light! Or, I wonder, could the object have generated the sound AT the area it was heard/photographed?

        The synchronization of the vibration/sound, done three times, seems an intelligent indication/confirmation from the object of the phenomenon being observed. It is a recording of amazing technology. Doesn’t the evidence indicate it was not vibrations within nor upon the equipment that caused the phenomenon: A dog also started growling/barking when the sound was first heard, indicating the sound could be heard in the surrounding air and so not from within the equipment.

  4. very eerie phenomena by this metallic ufo strange how it elongated then made high pitched magnetic field sound then decreased in size never seen that before on sightings is it alien testing or military testing new sound barrier fields ? time will tell great video california .

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